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summer abs?

alright so summer is here. i wanna have some killer abs to show off at the beach. i know i wont get them over night but summer is 3 months and hopefully by the second month i can get some definition. im not fat im pretty thin but i currently have no definition in my abdominals. so can someone give me some hits, routines, nutrition etc. advice to get cut real fast.

id prefer an answer from those who have a six pac and know what they are talking about . but all advices are welcome. thank you and have a good one.

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    yo bud i got what you obviously. start by doing reps of 40 in good form no arm flailing and smooth. try to get at least 240 in in a night kinda thing to brgin with or 200. start a lil slow as you don't wanna be screwed and too sore the next day. try to get your reps to 50 within the first week. always do at least 300 every night. push to get your reps higher to like 60 then 70 then 80 ... i have been doing them for 5 weeks and was exactly the same as you thin but not skinny and now i have definition foresure. do them every night! do not skip nights. throw in some push ups between to mix up the routine and not be so boring. turn on music or watch t.v and during every commercial break throw down a set. do it now as summer is here. putting your arms beside your head during the crunch seems to be the most intense crunch for me and it starts to burn at 30 but i push through it to 80 is what i can do now. at first i could only do 35 -40.

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    -regular crunches ( about 100 a day)

    -the bicycle ab routine

    -plank routine (in the pushup position, however put you forearms on the ground to hold you up, flex abs and hold for 30 seconds 3 times.)

    -ab workouts with weight when you do sit-ups

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    maybe by the and of the summer you can be close to what you want. you can do crunches, reverse crunches, side crunches hit you abs from all angles. change things up to you dont have to do 1 set than the next than the next than change to a diff exercise. do giant sets. start with crunhes than go straight to reverse crunches than straight to side crunches. and do that as one set. take a breather than do it again. have fun with it so it doesnt get boring that way you dont lose intrest. also eating right is very important to being in shape.

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    I think ur tummy is not yet fit. There is a good tummy reduction site which would help reduce it build ur abs as u think.

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