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Do you blame Yoko Ono for breaking up the Beatles?

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    she was just part of the reason the beatles were tired of it and all were heading is seperate musical directions the movie let it be shows that they had fallen apart. to put the blame on yoko is just not fair . im not a yko fan but it was not her fault

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    No. I don't blame Yoko at all. The Beatles were already growing and moving in separate directions before Yoko came onto the scene. They were all tired and looking into other interests personally and professionally. The fact that John was at his happiest when with her was beside the point. Yoko's very public presence and the public's general dislike of her made it easy for all to blame Yoko. I think they were already headed for a break. Yoko just provided a convenient excuse for it's happening.

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    Nope.. it's clear that they all had their individual agendas and personal lives. Yoko was just convenient to pick as an instigator. Watch sometime the 'let it be' sessions (available on youtube) and you'll see that it was like four separate agendas with the illusion of cohesiveness..

    Each one wanting to express their individual art and not being able to express it fully within the framework of the group... That's my opinion. It only leads to frustration and eventual breakup as is what transpired.

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    No, definately not. All bands get sick of eachother eventually. Everyone needs a change.

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  • jojo
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    no I think they were burnt out and just needed to split I dont think you can really blame anyone it was meant to be

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    yea i always hated her and pauls wife linda.i use to think they could of had eny woman in the world and why they picked 2 of the plainest janes they could find.oh well i guess love was blind in their case.

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    Just some of it.

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    that wasnt the reason they broke up

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    I'm sure there were other reasons........but she probably didn't help.

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