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What WWE SuperStar has the most Embarrassing Name?

I think it is Michael Hickenbottom (Shawn Micheals)

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    For wrestling names, Spanky was a pretty funny name, but he is now Brian Kendrick. So now I would say Howard Finkel, Billy Gun- Kip Sop, Rey Mysterio- Oscar Guiterrez, Rowdy Roddy Piper- Roderick George Toombs, Stevie Richards- Michael Manna, Rico- Americo Sebastiano Constatino, Jake "The Snake" Roberts- Aurelian Smith, Jr., Randy Savage- Randy Poffo, Tajiri- Yoshihiro Tajiri, and Harvey Wimpleman- Bruno Lauer. I know alot of them are old, but they still have pretty embarassing and weird names.

  • Michael Hickenbottom.

  • 1- Armando Alejandro Estrada.

    2- King booker (or booger).

    3- Roddy Piper.

    4- I dont want to be mean or anything, but no offense Santino Marella is kinda embarrassing.

    5- Super Crazy

    6- Trevor Murdoch

    7- Umaga

    8- Val Venis

    9- Domino

    10- Eugene

    11- Finlay

    12- Funaki

    13- Hornswoggle

    14- Montel Vantavious Potter

    15- The Great Khali

    16- Nunzio

    Are the embarrassing names.

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    If Dykstra was a woman, she'd win this competition hands down.

    However, since he's not, I'll have to agree with you and give it to Michael Hickenbottom.

    I thought HBK would have a hot name, so I was surprised when I found out what it actually is.

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    Kingggggggg Booker

    The Miz

    kelly Kelly

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    well lets see

    Armando Alejandro Estrada

    King Booker (booger)

    Super Crazy


    Val Venis


    Cryme Tyme----wtf?



    Jimmy Wang Yang (an oriental guy with a goofy cowboy gimmick come on!)


    montel Vontavious Porter (what a pompous name)

    Balls Mahoney

    The Miz (the ****, lol)


    Kelly Kelly (her parents couldnt think of a better second name they had to name her twice?)

    ooohhh and before I forget

    Percival Pringle the 3rd! lol (aka Paul Bearer)!

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    Either Hickenbottom or hornswaggle

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    if Hickenbottom didnt make it, id say John Felix Anthony Cena, wayyy too preppy of a name for a body builder marine chain gang wrestler

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    Embarrassing King Booker (Booker T) Did you see that dance he did monday when he got in the ring?hahahah

    I bet he can't wait to lose that crown at the next king of the ring!!

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