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Im always wet down there, how do I tell when I have fertile CM?

I've been lurking and reading here awhile, first question. 2nd hubby and I want a child, we've been married almost a year. I am 44 and he is 39, the only BC I've used is a diaphram so nothing to get out of my system. We began having unprotected sex in December 06 figuring I would get pregnant, but no luck yet.

In May I begin checking for fertile CM, but my vagina is always wet except right before and right after my period. I read about the changes in CM at But my CM always seems slippery. Throughout my cycle, when we have sex my lubrication is profuse and becomes creamy like lotion but I never notice this phase when checking myself.

My LMP began on 6/15 and ended 6/19 and my cycles are 26 days. I can read the ovulation calender, but cant detect any change in my CM.

I have never paid attention to my CM before, but have always been very wet, to the point of wearing panty liners most days. My GYN assures me Im normal

Thanks for reading & help

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    Because of your age (I'm 39), we are not as lucky to easily read our CM. It's just not the best option for trying to conceive for those of us that are well. older. I tried for months.

    I highly suggest getting Ovulation Predictor kits. minimum 10 sticks. Start testing on day 10 of your cycle (day 1 is your first day of your period) I used a fertility monitor and followed the Sperm Meets Egg plan.

    I am currently pregnant after the first month using the monitor and the plan. Here it is and best wishes.

    eta - I too have 26 day cycles - I ovulated on day 12 of my cycle. earlier then I ever thought, but only knew this by using the ovulation predictor monitor. I am being honest when I say, I passed the monitor on to a friend who has been trying for months.

    She just announced yesterday that she got her Positive. She too followed the sperm meets egg plan.

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    Buy a Ovulation prediction kit from the pharmacy and take the tests. There is normally 5 in the pack. Start on day 10 and take it unill day 15 which should be fine with your cycle. You will see when you will ovulate. You might find it works! Good Luck and all the best!

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    Generally when you're fertile, your cm changes to an egg-white consistency and will form a strand between your fingers instead of breaking. Good luck.

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    i did not get my bfp with my son till i became 2 weeks previous due and that i examined once at 2 days previous due and again at per week then finally were given the bfn at 2 weeks previous due so that you would in basic terms be on the low end of the hormone scale like i became

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