what are some good pirate mmorpg???

I play runescape and puzzle pirates, but I want something new... anyone know any good ones.

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  • Torrez
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    1 decade ago
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    Pirate MMORPG, here you go

    Pirate of Burning Sea: http://feature.mmosite.com/pobs/

    IMO it's the best pirate MMORPG, but seems it will be in CB forever T_T.

    Pirate King Online: http://feature.mmosite.com/pko/

    Pirate King Online is a 3D MMOG with its colorful screens,cute characters and multi environment maps.

    Voyage Century: http://feature.mmosite.com/voyagecentury/

    Pretty nice sailing MMORPG, definitely worth a shot. But the translation ingame is poor.

    World of Pirates: http://feature.mmosite.com/wop

    World of Pirates is set in the Caribbean in the 17th century. Gameplay is based on trade, construction and strategy.

    Pirates of Caribbean Online: http://feature.mmosite.com/poc/

    Have you ever watched Pirates of Caribbean? closed beta now.

  • 1 decade ago

    Zepirates, Pirates of the Burning Seas, Dogs of the Seas, World of Pirates, Pirates of the Caribbean Online, Tradewinds Legends, Avast! , Sid Meier's Pirates, Pirate King Online,Tales of Pirates, Voyage Century , Age of Pirates... most of these arent that great though. Honestly the best pirate game i would say is still puzzle pirates.... also... just good mmorpgs in general are runescape, world of warcraft and www.conqueronline.com (conquer has the best of graphics that i've seen so far, very cool game)

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    My Best answer has to be:

    World of Warcraft.

    It is definitly, the top-of-the line. Graphics, Story Line, PvP (Player vs. Player). It is a little on the expensive side though.

    If you are looking for a "Team" or more "Group" Game then, try Guild Wars. Its free, but you just have to purchase the CD and your in!

    There aren't many "Pirate MMORPG's", and Puzzle Pirates is the only one I really could think of.....

    MapleStory, is always a good one to try..If your looking for something graphic wise, then obviously your @ the wrong place.. RuneScape has better graphics lol!

    "Good Luck"!

  • 1 decade ago

    there isnt really a full blown pirates mmo as far as i know but a good pirate game is sid myer's pirates.

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