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Boobs... Quick.....Fast!!!!!!!!!!?

Okay, i am 23 and lets just say that i am flatter than a pancake. I need a way to make myself look bustier in a bathing suit by next week. My iance is coming, and we i am getting married in a few weeks, and i cant get surgery, but what can i do to make my boobs bigger in a bathing suit by next week! Help!

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    Here's a few options:

    1.) Wear a bikini if you have the body. Most tops out there are super padded. If you are not able to wear a bikini, you are likely to still have luck finding a one-piece suit with great padding anyway.

    2.) If no time to find a suit, go to a fabric store and ask for the bra inserts. People buy them and have them sewn in wedding gowns (I did myself). See a seamstress if you want professional results.

    3.) Victoria Secrets has a few great "push up bras". You can't look bigger and have more cleavage at the same time (if you choose a bra that fits properly, that is), so I'd opt for cleavage if you are wearing something low cut. (Obviously, this won't help you with your bathing suit issue, but VS does sell bathing suits with the miracle bra built in. For a fee, I bet they'd ship it pretty quickly.)

    4.) Make-up, my friend. Take a darker-than-your-own-skin color (say, one or two shades darker) and brush that good-old shade right between those boobs. Works like a charm. I've never tried this in a bathing suit, but you can find waterproof "leg make-up", so why not try that between those perky breasts? Or another waterproof makeup?

    You can also "highlight" the area above your nipples by brushing on some loose shimmering light powder. It "highlights" and the make-up between the breasts defines and gives depth (ie, more cleavage)

    5.) You can buy "gel inserts" at JC Penny. It's like silicone implants but they "stick" to your skin. They can be worn under bathing suits and dresses, etc. They are obviously backless and run about $60-70. (Personally, I am not comfortable with two decent sized cups of gel sticking to my flesh...but many people would be fine with that.)

    Best of luck. My best advice, though: Learn to love your body and do NOT marry a man who thinks less of you because you are not Pamela Anderson.

    Source(s): My own experience! :)
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    Hopefully, this is not a pressing question, since you and your fiancee should both be happy with the way you are. On the other hand, there should not be any shame in wanting to feel more "womanly" by having larger breasts, even temporarily, as long as your motivation is not shame, inferiority or a need to please someone else. I'd say if you're interested because it seems like it would be fun, enjoyable or adventurous, I would suggest some silicone inserts or specialty bras that will make you look bigger temporarily. They are harmless, easy and temporary, and yes, there are some that will work in a bathing suit.

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    Don't worry honey, we have all been there. The best way to look bustier is to ware a skin color bra that is the size you want. Then, stuff it. That is what i did before my surgery. Try to stay out of the water to prevent the tissues from getting mushy. I really hope my advice helps you a lot.

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    ok there are bathingsuits and clothes out there that make u look more bustyer for bathingsuits go for a tankini in a halter sytle that will help alot also for clothes.....

    If you know how, you can dress to give the illusion of an overall curvier look with more up top. Here are a few tips on clothes that will add curves to your figure:

    Go for romantic ruffles! Shirts with ruffles will accentuate your breast size

    Wear tops with big logos, lettering or beads (or any decorations), because these draw attention to your upper body

    Empire-style tops (gathered/pleated right under the breasts) can also help to make your breasts look bigger

    Wearing a light color on top and a darker color on the bottom (for example, a white T-shirt with dark blue jeans) makes your upper half look curvier

    Wearing tops in shiny fabrics can give the illusion of a bigger chest

    hope that helps

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    If he has accepted you for marriage, maybe boobs aren't all that important to him. I am a guy and what good are they if I can't touch them. (common complaint of big ones or they are too heavy). Some little girl breasts ar kind of cute. Of course there is the trophy aspect. Just wear tasteful padded bras and the right kind of tops, My wife wa aa for fifty years, she gained a lot of weight and now has big ones. I wish she had the aas and was 100# again. I still feel the same way about her and look at pam anderson types, but that is ok.

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    Buy something with padding and underwire to push what you've got up as much as possible.

    When you go swimsuit shopping tell the sales person you want something that is 'bust enhancing' and hopefully she'll be able to steer you to some styles that will help ya out.

  • Other then getting pregnant and surgery there are no ways to get bigger boobs in a week! If he loves you then it wouldnt matter if you have a flat chest!

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    My friend is really flat. She wears 2-3 padded bras. I know this wont help while you are swimming, but just an idea

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    So what if you have a flat chest? . Basically you just want bigger boobs for his viewing pleasure which I find completely unecessary- also your relationship should be at a much deeper level at this point.

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    stuff, wear a padded bathing suit, get surgery

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