What is the difference between someone from Lebanon and someone from Iran...are they terrorists?

I would like to know the difference in the people...if they have the same nature as the people we are at war with...do they hate americans? What are Lebanese peoples nature?

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    1 decade ago
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    Lebanon is a Muslim majority populated Arab country controlled by a christian minority.

    Before the french left that region they wanted to help the Maronite christian left on their own .The help the Maronite inventing a constitution that prevent Muslim to control the country.

    Maronite christian,proudly, consider them-self as the descendant of Northern Europe crusaders who plunder that region, killing children, raping women, thus they put the lie on national history book that all Lebanese are descendant of Phoenician and Christian crusaders of Europe.

    Iranian are Muslims Persian but they have a large Jewish minority and christian Armenian.Iran is not really an Islamic country. They do have Islamic law but in fact Islam is only for the large poor population.

    If you rich or work for the government, your child can drink alcohol,study in Sweden, dress like westerner.Islamic Iran ended years ago when the Ayatollah was slowly poisoned by Russian secret service ,rafsanjani with a group of Iranian opponent.

    They also poisoned the Ayatollah Khomeini only heir, his 40 year old son.Since that time Russian secretly control Iran with that new government and sell them billion dollars deal of armament until today.

    Both Iran and lebanon have problem with terrorism.With the help of russia, Iran is probably responsable of much of the terrorist attack against US soldiers.

    The middle east is important for Russia, not because of oil, they have plenty in their country, but because muslim country are big paying client for weapon.

    American interest is the oil and immediat security of israel.Russian want american out of Iraq and would like them to be defeat so they have a taste of their own defeat in afghanistan during the 1980s.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Both Lebanon and Iran are old, honorable cultures. Go to flickr or such, and look at pictures that residents take of Beirut or Tehran -- both beautiful, modern cities. The one Iranian friend I knew in high school was funny and a truly kind person. I'm sure there's the whole range of people good and bad, but (as here) 99% are law-abiding and respect life.

    As for anti-American sentiment -- yes that's a common political view. But compare ourselves to Iran: Imagine if another country was demanding the US give up its nuclear arsenal -- there would be outrage among Americans, and that country would be unpopular. So if Iran isn't endeared to the US leading the demand to dismantle their atomic energy program, I'm not surprised the populace and its leader are defiant.

    Also, the US isn't free from sometimes irrational sentiment against other countries: there was a huge flare-up of actual anti-France feelings, just because they wouldn't agree with us that invading Iraq was a good idea. Good grief!

    But just as I know plenty of Americans who dislike (say) Venezuela's government but would still be polite and welcoming to a Venezuelan friend (regardless of politics), likewise I think most Arabs are similar.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You're an idiot. Someone's nationality or faith does not make them a terrorist. If you use that logic (like the real terrorists do), then ALL Americans are fat, lazy un-moral people who take advantage of the third world countries (err. scratch that last one. we DO do that.) And last time I checked, we were at war with Iraq, not Iran. ANd even then, we are not at war with Iraqi's, as a good majority of the insurgents are outsiders from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, etc.

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  • 3 years ago

    the two have been/are violent and oppressive to rule, subdue and dominate human beings to tension them to transform. that's a black mark interior the history of the Roman Catholic church. between the numerous black marks. i think the Roman Catholic church develop into attempting to reclaim areas of the Holy Land for Christianity and the Christian East that have been taken over with the help of Muslim rule. In doing so that they attacked, tortured and killed Muslims, Russian and Greek Orthodox Christians, Jews and different political enemies of the pope. Crusading declined today in the time of the sixteenth century with the introduction of the Protestant Reformation and the decline of papal authority.

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