World of Warcraft Drop zones?

Im looking for good places to farm loot on WOW. I cant find any guides on the net with where to loot so i was going to see if anyone could tell me.

Im trying to raise so funds.

Thanks all!!


Im a lvl 30 warrior

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    The answer will depend greatly on what sells well on your server.

    Cloth typically sells well across the board (used for First Aid and Tailoring primarily, but also used for Engineering, Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, etc), so humanoids would be a good target. Linen drops from mobs from about level 8 -18, wool off mobs 19-30.

    Another option is to check your server's auction house and find good level 19 requirement items. Use or Wowhead to find out where they drop (typically instances) and run those instances 'til you're bored to tears. The level 19 requirement is important for the PvP twinks.

    Biggest help, take two gathering skills, I usually recommend skinning and either mining or herbalism. Mining typically nets you more money per node, but herbalism typically offers far more nodes than mining. Auction everything you can, and the money will start to find its way in.

    Finally, if you've got the patience for it, level up your fishing. At level 30, you will have access to Oily Blackmouth and Firefin Snapper, both of which are needed alchemy reagents which can sell well. You can also fish the oases in the Barrens for Deviate Fish, which are popular as well.

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  • 1 decade ago has a farming guide if you do a search on their site. It's a bit outdated, only partially updated for TBC, so it might not help much later, but at level 30, it should still be handy. I'd also recommend checking - there's no guides there, but the search features might come in handy.

    If you're just looking to grind critters and farm at that level... hrm. I might try someplace like Raven Hill in Duskwood, or the demon-held areas in southeastern Ashenvale.

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    Firefin Snapper Farming

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    Looking for greens/blues to sell? I'd just say instance away. They drop more often in instances than in the world alone.

    Want monetary drops? Kill humanoids your level.

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