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how can i make my boobs look bigger in a bathing suit (bikini)?

im 11(gonna be 12 in jjuly). tomorow me and my friends are going to the pool which is openig tomorow and my friends have this thing whn they all get attached to the most perfect girl and it usually varies between me and this other girl and all my friends a B-cups and im an A-cup but every1 thinks im B cuz i wear padded/push-up bras but im really not that big at all but i really need to look big tomorow how do i look big and make it look like i have cleavage!?!? BTW dont say 'youll grow when youre ready" or somethin like that. dont waste my time with answers sayin stuff like 'dont worry about it", etc.


i really hate it when its the other girl bc then they all ignore me

Update 2:

does abercrombie or hollister sell padded bathing suits?

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    if you dont have time to go and buy a new suit with padding there's not much that you can do.

    you can act like the stars and tape your boobs up (to make it appear as if you have more)

    but other than that i dont know what else you can do.

    and i know you didnt want to hear this either but, your friends seem umm.. stuck up or shallow..? why would they care if your perfect or not.

    learning each others imperfections and loving them is a part of friendship.

    BEST OF LUCK. i hope you find a way. and then maybe let me know lol . =)

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    I know how you feel. I am like flat and have to pad my bra a lot. I hate bathing suit season. When I do ahve to wear on I have one that is padded and I use extra padded inserts. I always wear like a tank or t-shirt over it so no one can in any way tell it is padded.

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    you can go and shop for a bathing suit in the adults department (They make padded ones) Make sure you get one you tie so if it's too big (Which it most likely is) just tie it really tight. I also mind that big patterns and black and white give the illusion of looking big.

    And really most girls in you class are b-cups! Wow I'm only an A!

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    You can buy push up bathing suit tops, that helps ALOT, its just like a push up bra. Or you could just buy extra padding and put it in your bathing suit

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    I have no clue. But I am in the same situation. I 11 turning 12 in July. I know you said none of this kind of stuff, but you said it yourself that you will grow when your'e ready. I've learned recently to not try to be something you're not. If you do, there are more possibilities something will go wrong. Who cares what your friends think? If they care about that stuff they are not true friends. I'm sorry this is not the kind of answer you want, but this is your true answer!


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    get a padded bathing suit or just get pads for the bathing suit

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    im 11 and i dont have proper boobs yet i dont wear a bra coz i dont even need one yet and dont care what other people think be your self dont try to be someone else remember that!

    you sound like that movie 13 going on 30

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    get a padded bathing suit or stuff it, although the paper will get soggy when wet =)

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    victoria secret has push up bras so just wear those, but the bottoms are really skimpy so go to old navy or something and find a matching bottom

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    use that bubble wrap stuff with the bubbles facing toward ur booooob.

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