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What has been your experience flying Southwest Airlines?

My wife and I are flying Southwest for the first time. We have non stop flights from Philly to Vegas and are interested in your impressions of their service and any pointers you have. Thanks.

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    Okay, I have flown southwest four times. they are my favorite airline!! I live in Pittsburgh and Southwest is the 2nd largest airline here( after US Airways). They operate a nonstop flight between Pittsburgh and Las vegas and I flew on it.

    check in experience:

    make sure you are sitting at your computer 24 hours before your flight takes off, that way you will get an A on your boarding pass and you will be one of the first 40 people to board the plane

    get to your gate early and get in line so you'll have good seats

    I hope you already realize that there are no assigned seats

    inflight experience:

    Spirit magazine-My favorite in-flight magazine!

    It has really interesting articles and will entertain you the whole flight

    and they have a lot of legroom which is really nice

    also they are putting new seats in all their planes so even if you get the old paint scheme(brown and orange) the seats will still be new

    Snacks- on the Vegas to Pittsburgh flight they gave us peanuts and a whole snack box for Free!! I imagine they will have those on your flight They even came back and refillled my apple juice eight times!! the service was outstanding

    Another great thing is the flight attendants come around and take drink orders, then they come back with a tray. That way they aren't clogging up the aisle.

    the flight attendants also tell jokes and stories and do oher funny stuff I was flying between Albuquerque and Las vegas and when the plane took off they got out of their seats and rolled bags of peanuts down the aisle, it was pretty funny

    I had some really neat views from Vegas to Pittsburgh, and I imagine you will have the same ones because it is roughly the same route ( I guess after you hit pittsburgh you just keep going) I sat on the forward-left side and got views of the rockies and a really nice view of chicago at night. A family member of mine sat on the forward-right side and got a view of the grand canyon after take off from vegas

    the staff was so friendly and were actually happy, I didn't see on southwest Employee who wasn't thrilled to be working that day. They always have smiles on their faces!!

    Southwest operates one aircraft-the boeing 737 they all have 3-3 seating and two lavatories

    I hope you will like southwest because they are expanding service in their Philadelphia market

    Here are some websites to check out:

    i hope your flight will go as well as mine did and I hope you LUV southwest!!!!

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    Generally pretty good, certainly better than 90% of the US airlines out there. Boarding is a cattle call, no assigned seats. Make sure you print your boarding pass 24 hours in advance so that you're in Group A, the first to board. Stand in line by the gate at your group letter as early as possible when you go to the airport, so that you board as early as possible. Southwest pulls away from the gate faster than any airline I've ever flown; they make no pretenses about getting you in your seat and outta there. Very no-frills but they do still have beverage service. They encourage the flight crew to be flip and goofy, which can be good or bad depending on who you end up with. They are consistently among the better flying experiences I've had overall.

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    Flying in Southwest Airline has been little different experience for me. Since they don't assign seats, the seats are first come first serve. Also, since the tickets are cheaper, the passengers seems more young and loud, less business people. (Sometimes it's fun, sometimes its a nightmare...)

    Crews are nice and friendly but the interior is kind of old and not clean.

    Make sure to check in as soon as possible (preferably via online 24hour before the flight). They will assign seating group at the check in, and the first seating group can choose their seats first. I didn't know this, so I was always group 3 and had to sit in the middle. The check in via online begins 24hour prior to the departure, and you can print out the boarding pass at the airport if you don't have printer.

    Have a good trip!

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    Southwest is usually pretty cheap but remember this.

    The do not have assigned seating. Unless you want to be stuck sitting in the middle you better get there and check in early. 2-3 hours early at a minimum.

    Good luck and have fun in Vegas

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    The airline is crap ive flown it twice and it does not compare to continental, their FA's tend to crack corny jokes, their legroom is cramped, and theres no assigned seating, first come first serve isnt a good idea for 100+ people

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    Iflyswa Check In

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    That's a good question

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    thanks to each and every one of you guys for the answers.

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