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Johnson and Wales for Culinary Nutrition degree?

what's it like? does this school really have study abroad co-op like it says???

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    Yes, they do have the study abroad co-op. The culinary nutrition program is well rounded with culinary labs in vegatarian cuisine, spa cuisine, lite & healthy desserts, sports nutrition along with labs in research & development, food science and microbiology. Of course as with any degree there are academic classes that focus on science and nutrition along with a food cost class and management class. At the end of the studies there is also a externship or coop that must be done. I quite enjoy the program. The only two campuses offering the degree program is Denver, where I am, and Providence. The Denver program is fairly new being only two years old so there are bugs that are still being worked out but the program is great to be in.

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    Hmmm - in no way heard of a bachelor of cooking degree, yet that would not advise it would not exist someplace. Culinary artwork gets you a good interest, nevertheless. which may be nicely worth better than a level interior the long-term.

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    I've no idea

    But it sound impressive..

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