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I want a barcode tattoo! Do they actually work on the scanner?

i want, for my personal amusement, to be able to get a barcode tat that i can scan at the store. i've been told that they don't work! uck! say it ain't so! T or F?

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    no, they definitely dont scan.

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    you make spink mad. spink smash.

    There are a few things of which to be aware. First is that there are many types of barcodes which serve many different purposes. Some are appropriate for tattoos and some are not. Which type of barcode you choose will depend on your preference regarding message, barcode size, and whether or not you want your barcode registered in a central database.

    Keep in mind that large barcodes won't scan because the scanner eye is only designed to see a barcode about 2" (5 cm) on the side. The people at Jet City Orange have a gallery of barcode tattoos and some words about having them done. They suggest beading a white line between each black line and having it touched up every few years.

    Disclaimer: Barcode tattoos generally do not scan properly because human skin cannot provide the necessary contrast and fine detail needed by modern laser scanners. They are fine social and political statements but generally speaking not the most effective way to tag people. If you really want to be tagged you are better off getting a livestock ear tag or an RFID implant.

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    I had a friend who got his social security number barcoded on him, but it didn't do anything when run over scanners.

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    to emily...why would your friend get his social security number as a tattoo? he needs to keep that quiet, unless he wants to end up a victim of identity theft

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    no i don't think they work, but that would be awesome if it did, maybe if you put an exact replica of an acual bar code? i dont know it kind of sounds far fetched.

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    Mine doesn't, and it looks like total $#!^

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    won't work

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    Draw it on instead, as you would come to regret it later.

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    It is absolutely True... that u are ridiculous. I got a better idea get a big old tattoo on your forehead that says insert brain here.

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