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What can cause in infants kidney to bleed?

The doctors discovered that my sons right kidney was bleeding, what could cause that? He was only 5 days old.

He was full term. I only had him for a few hours in the hospital before the nurse took him away for low blood sugar. Then he developed breathing problems, then he got really sick. He developed necrotizing enterocolitis (intestinal infection) and died on the 5th day. The autopsy showed that his right kidney was bleeding also. That's why I haven't asked the doctor, I'm scheduled to talk to him in 3 weeks but I'm searching for answers before then.

There was no blood in his urine those few days that he lived.

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    I am so very sorry to hear about your son. My best wishes to your family.

    I am not an MD, so please don't put too much stock in this: but I googled your son's symptoms and I found something called "hyperviscosity" which occurs when a newborn has too many red blood cells. However, this is really easy to test for - I'm sure they tested your son's hematocrit - so they ought to have picked it up if that were the problem. It's possible that they identified the hypervisocity but didn't know what was causing it (can be caused by inherited diseases, birth defects, etc.). That being said, it does encompass several of your son's symptoms: low blood sugar, respiratory distress, kidney failure (?)...and necrotizing enterocolitis can be a complication. Like I said, this is only if his hematocrit was quite elevated, but you can look at the list of symptoms here:

    and see if it seems to fit or not.

    I'm really sorry you lost him; best wishes. I hope you get some answers from the Doctor.

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