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Lighthearted Christian Rock Music question?

If they consider U2 as Christian Rock (as heard from someone who consider them Christian Rock because they refer to God and Jesus, and have morales in their songs) - does that mean that the Killers are Christian Rock as well? (They refer to Jesus as well, even as the saviour!)


I don't like Christian Music - I'm a U2 fan and was offended by their music being called Christian, since it is obviously *cynical* not to mention pride is one of the seven sins... and Bono actually promotes it...

Update 2:

Here's the source, by the way... *shock*;_ylt=An74c...

Update 3:

Thank God no one agrees that U2 is Christian Rock, now I can rest easy again!

PS; another reference to the 7 sins; vanity: "I like the sound of my own voice" (all because of you) ;)

Update 4:

"Bliss seems not just for the ones who kneel, luckily" - City of blinding lights.

You don't have to be religious to get lucky - and I do believe he's talking about those in 3rd world countries - ethnic minorities or otherwise - who don't believe in God and equally need - and sometimes get, thanks to humanitarian causes - help to get happiness.

The majority of their songs are not about love - more about equality of people as a whole and other politically correct topics (One, Pride). Lately they are, anyway. Their most famous songs (With or without you among others) ARE about love, but they're usually the first ones we think about just because they're famous - not because there are more of them.

Update 5:

PS; "Still haven't found what I'm looking for", if you listen to the lyrics, is more about how religion doesn't hold the answer to everything. All the references to the christian religion, all the things he'd "done" to find what he's looking for and he still hasn't... see?

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    I don't consider U2 Christian rock.

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    I don't think U2 is a Christian band inasmuch as U2 is a band made up of Christian members. Also, the song "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" is not a denouncement of faith. It is a declaration of doubt. Faith without doubt isn't faith at all... its sycophantic devotion. That's not Christianity... that's being an Elvis fan.

    How exactly does Bono promote pride? Bono is the lead singer to the biggest rock band in the past thirty years. Do you think humility comes with that kind of a job? He acts like a rock star... preening, prancing, ridiculous, and over-the-top. However, he acts like this while he is on stage and performing. When he is off stage, he's usually bending the ear of Presidents, Popes, world leaders and powerful multi-billionaires in an attempt to right a lot of wrongs in this world. If Bono sat around his Olympic sized swimming pool sipping Champagne and counting his millions, I might subscribe to that belief. However, he very selflessly gives himself up for those who cannot help themselves.

    I think we need to stop labeling music and musicians. Whatever Bono is he is spreading the word of Christ... not just through his music but through his life. Gandhi was Hindu but his message was still pretty much the same as the one Christ taught two thousand years ago. People... especially Christians... need to learn to open their minds.

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    Well there has been a lot of debates over whether main stream music can be considered Christian, however this is the first time I've heard of U2 being catagorized as Christian. Previously the band Lifehouse said that they were a band of Christian's not a Christian band. The term Christian music generally refers to Praise and Worship music that is solely marketed for those purposes and not for entertainment. However a band like Switchfoot hit mainstream with Christian Rock and they aren't evil (whoever said rock music doesn't have a place in christianity). But Bono has been doing a lot of good charity work lately with the One foundation so I would like to think that God is using him to tell you something.

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    I don't know the music of The Killers, but I can comment some on U2.

    Three of the members have professed their faith. Their lifestyles show that none are "perfect" fact, I don't know how genuine the faith of any of them is. But Bono, The Edge and Larry have/currently claim to be Christians.

    As for their music, I would never categorize it as "Christian." Their music is more about love than anything else. Whether it has to do with emotional love, love through standing up for those who are hurt or physical love, most of U2's music has revolved around this theme.

    However, some of their music is obviously Christian - such as "Where the Streets Have No Name" and "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" in that those songs talk about faith and Christian themes/ideas. Other U2 songs are more subtle in talking about Christianity.

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    purely like each sort of music, the actuality of the words is what you will desire to look at. If a Christian music with rock music has words that are Biblically sound, there is not any longer something incorrect with rock music getting used. i understand some those that have come to Christ as a results of message of a Christian rock band/music. I additionally understand some songs that are no longer rock, yet are so a methods faraway from Biblical actuality- that they could lead on people faraway from the actuality of God and His be conscious. we would desire to continuously be very careful that we don't choose the music a lot that it is going to become greater important then worshiping God. Does anybody understand the beginning of the music used for remarkable GRACE? It grew to become into initially a bar music- while that grew to become into first written people complained approximately it as a results of beginning of the music-

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    I never heard either one of them being called Christian rock but I guess it is up to the performer if he would like to be categorized as that or not. Maybe U2 has said yes to that question (label)

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    It is not even close to Christian Rock! That is someone trying to either claim U2 is because they are a fanatic or they are trying to stir up a debate! But U2 is ROCK and ROCK only! LOL

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    They are a christian band if all of their music is for Jesus. I know of a band that has one or two songs about Jesus but says they aren't a christian band because not all of their music is about him. These are rock christian bands...disciple..toby mac(well hes kind of rap) force 5....sancus get the point. But even if they aren't totally a christian band it doesn't mean that they are bad to listen to. Oh didn't relise you were offended. sorry. Oh and by the way for those who want to put it down who are do you think the youth likes it? Does it not get them to hear about Jesus...becasue I know alot of teens who don't like to listen to regular christian bands because they say they are boring. These bands are really trying to reach the youth and I believe that it's a great idea....same with alot of churches...they have alot of older people that go there because it isn't relevant to their lives. Not all churches are this way but I know alot that are just concerned about the older generation.

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    Sorry but...

    There should be NO room for rock music in Christianity!!

    It makes us look like the rest of the world.

    "Be seperate and come out from among them" says the Lord!

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    uh no i mean the lyrics for their songs are a little more pg 13

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