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Anyone here believe in it? Personally I think its a load of crap.


Last time I checked Star, Yahoo Answers was not an "Astrology site" as you put it :)

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    Mainstream, news paper astrology, No.

    I do however believe that everything does have an effect on everything else, including the astral bodies. There are a considerable number of social elements that can be arguments for and against the actual study of astrology. I would recommend looking more deeply into all aspects of astrology, and not limiting your view to the hired monkeys who write over generalized interpretations.

    While my impression is that you might be close-minded on the topic I ask that you give these sites a chance. Read them with the idea that you can consider them entertaining fiction until you reach a complete opinion:

    Hope that helps.

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    I only believe in actual proof. For people, Astrology is generally 'the belief that the planets have influence on a person'. For me, personally, it's pure and simple quantum physics. We're all made of the same stuff - we are the stuff that stars are made of, to say it more simply - and according to Einstein (and I'm sure several other physics scientists) every object applies some sort of attraction or repellance to another object. No matter how far away they are. Fair enough, 2 small objects which are widely removed won't have as much effect on each other as for example the Sun and Jupiter, but they still have that effect, however minimal it is.

    I believe that's one thing that many people seem to forget.

    So this means the basics to Astrology can be proven by not even quantum, but just simple physics basics.

    Second, my idea of Astrology is not the idea that planets and signs are all mythical - they're just badly named (after all, we don't choose our own name either, do we?). The last time I saw an actual Scorpion as a water creature - it simply drowned. And Uranus, the titan, wasn't as extraordinary and strange as Uranus, the planet, is (not what was considered extraordinary and strange in those days, anyway...) ... What I'm trying to say is that Astrology isn't blind belief in the mythical figures, but rather the actual effect that the signs and planets have... and yes, Pluto has just as much effect as Ceres in a chart, despite of still being called a planet in mainstream Astrological circles - but even Astronomy is still not certain about it's status, only because people can't seem to accept that Pluto isn't a planet anymore (that would be called fear of change, I assume...?)

    Third, I only use local *and* non-hypothetical objects in my Astrological studies. This means; the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Ceres - and all the surrounding asteroids, but those only for studying purposes - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and as of late, Eris, and much more local than all those, the Ascendant (the Ascending sign on the horizon). I *never* use fixed stars, as that would be very illogical, since they will already have moved several degrees in real-time, from the spot we can view them, so anything you try to do with them in Astrology, would be off anyway. Anything within our own solar system moves basically in real-time, so it's hardly ever actually several degrees further from where we can see them (also, again, basic physics) Hypothetical objects are just that; hypothetical, and anything you try to do with them in Astrology would therefore be hypothetical as well.

    Last, but not least; I *know* that the tropical zodiac doesn't coincide with the placements of the actual constellations anymore - but that's why they are locked to the Earth. I could start using a sidereal zodiac, but then I would tumble into vedic astrology - not to mention that people need something to hold on to (why else would they tell us that the star signs change on exactly the same date, while in reality it differs each year?)

    I figured to know whether it is a load of crap, you should know how Astrology works - to start with... Then you can decide whether it is still crap or not.

    Sadly enough, I could write you an entire book about how I experience Astrology (never saying that everyone should experience it the same way), but I don't think anyone would want to read my entire study in one answer, so I hope this would be enough...

    And now to finish with; Astrology is not a religion or supersticion, so belief is wrongly placed here. We don't worship planets or signs (well, I don't, at least... I can't speak for all those New-Agers out there...) and haven't lost the ability to question things (again, I haven't, at least...)

    Source(s): Astrologer since the age of 14. Now excuse me while I go worship Uranus.
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    Newspaper astrology and future prediction is a load of crap. Plotting and reading your birth chart can help you to understand more about your influences. It gives pointers on how to interact with other people. It also helped me learn my multiples of 12.

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    As a big fan of science one site I can recommend is The link explains a lot of what is wrong about astrology. It may not be a religion but it surely is not science. It's still regarded as para-normal. Until someone gets the James Randi Educational Foundation prize for a million bucks, such "proofs" does not exist just personal delusions.

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    Then why do you come to this site?

    Astrology is incredibly accurate when done according to a person's birth date, time, year, and place. The stuff you see on daily horoscopes for all signs is pretty worthless, but the charts erected for an individual are very true.

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    Its the belief that makes astrology work. For people who believe it, for them it works. For people who think its crap, it certainly is.

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    the zodiac seems pretty accurate to me

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