Any recommendations on what to see near Moab, Utah for a 1 week trip? I'll be there in October.?

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    Oh so many things! I usually go there a few times a year! I'm heading down there in three weeks actually! Moab is one of the few things that makes it worth living in Utah....

    Let's see:

    South of Moab there is a great place called Hole In The Rock..It is an entire home that was built inside a mountain..Very interesting...You can also check out the Canyonlands National Park..Dead Horse State Park and Cataract Canyon...All of these are great for breathtaking views...Absolutely beautiful! If you can...Get in on one of the Jeep tours..If you enjoy 4-wheeling there are several fun and thrilling trails all around the area. Anywhere from scenic flat dirt roads, to hair-raising slick-rock trails that will have you tipping...There are also great biking and hiking trails. Particularly Slick-Rock trail which is daunting if you are not really good on a bicycle, but absolutely worth it if you are.. I would say go rafting on the Colorado River, but In October it might be a little too chilly..Although if you ARE adventurous I think they still run some river tours that time of year...

    You won't be sorry..Moab is smallish compared to some towns, but it is a tourist town through and through..As long as you love the great outdoors you won't be bored!!!

    Have Fun!

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  • 1 decade ago

    For that time of year, it should still be possible to do a lot of things outdoors. Just North of Moab is Arches National Park. I would recommend a day just for that. There is also Dead Horse Point, to the NorthWest of Moab. Quite an interesting trip. You can also make trips to the West on either the North or South sides of the Colorado River. Lots of petroglyphs to see there. To the South of Moab, you could head down to Newspaper Rock and the Needles district of Canyonlands. Or, further South, you could see Blanding, Bluff, and even Medicine Hat. Monument Valley is a great view. Lots of stuff to see.

    Source(s): Live North of Moab, been there many times.
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  • 1 decade ago

    check out the national parks:




    Bryce Canyon

    Ive also heard of some popular ones, I think they are called Dinosaur monument and capitol reef.

    Also think about heading East to Colorado or down to Arizona for the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley

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