any good oil painting techniques (websites or personal advise)?

i've sold a few of my paintings, but i'd like to get better at it. any websites or persinal techniques can be really helpful.



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    It all depends on WHAT type of painting you wish to do...

    Are you wanting Traditional? Wet on Wet? colour mixing? Different strokes for objects?


    I never took a lesson in painting ALL my life. I have painting is in Australia, UK, Germany, Many US States.

    Watch for PURE colour when painting. It cracks easy… Mix it with linseed oil, IF one of the LAST coats then you can use thinner. Just don’t cut it too much…

    Fat over lean!!! A fat paint will paint over a lean paint. FAT – Is cut with Linseed Oil or Thinner. A LEAN paint is not cut as much with linseed oil or thinner, (or not at all- pure colour even if mixed with other colours.) There are OTHER mediums not just thinner or linseed By the Way…

    NEVER over mix colours on the canvas. Turns to mud. If you start getting terrible colours then stop on that area and move on…. Fix it later, or tomorrow….

    Traditional painting usually is in 7 layers and uses DAMAR Crystals. Some layers are WASHES. That is why the OLD masters have a green tinge look to the painting. Also notice that their still life looks back lit.

    Wet on wet uses what is called Magic White, (Invented by William Alexander), magic black, and magic clear. The canvas is covered with a thin, THIN layer of this before painting. You then don’t need linseed oil if you paint the whole canvas in one sitting. (Unless it’s HOT where you are working and take 10 hours to work the canvas.)

    Check out VIDEOS by Bob Ross, William Alexander, Helen Van Wyk. They will give you the basics but it’s always fun to watch them. Helen Van Wyk had a GREAT show.. Enjoyed her works and teachings.

    (Check EBAY for cheaper video tapes)

    Have fun ALSO… For grins get some plaster and plaster a canvas board. Make it really bumpy.. Try your hand at some Fresco!!!

    Last …

    NEVER use spray can varnish for your paintings. It CAN NOT be stripped if the painting needs cleaning. WAIT at least 6 months for the painting to dry before Varnishing!!!!

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    It relies upon upon the variety of paint, the colours used and the thickess of the paint. floor .Drying time can selection between 2 days and a month, based generally upon the thickness. whether that's extremely thick, even after that month, the paint under the dry pores and skin can nevertheless be moist and the exterior can rub off. I comprehend you probable did it somewhat thinly, yet i'm getting waiting you for the worst case subject. additionally titanium white seems to be slower drying than different hues, which you should experience it in 2 days and locate that's all touch dry aside from the climate the place's you have mixed titanium white into the paint. dark colours look to dry swifter. My apologies for the convoluted respond, yet oil is a convoluted medium!. you could purchase moist companies at maximum good artwork shops, or do a seek on line. the different element you're able to do in an emergency is to stick it , stil moist, in a physique then positioned it in a somewhat sized container. this could guard the exterior. Acrylics could have been a greater advantageous decision interior the situations, yet then hindsight is a brilliant element. desire it works out. Lizzie :o)

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    Please go to and click on artist. This web site for $6. a month lets you watch 5 hours of amazing DVDS on line from some of the country's best artists on oil painting, drawing, watercolor, and it is broken down into simple steps. Also go to as this web site rents 'how to' DVDs and may of the titles are oil painting instructional videos. Between these two places you will get amazing results.

    Go to and down load his book "The mystery of making it". He has the best advice on marketing you art work and making a living at doing what you love. Tell him hi for me. G

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