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Chetco asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

Is there a shelter pet listing service in Canada, such as www.petfinder or www.pets911? and will list shelter and other adoptable pets from all over USA, by postal code. Is there such a service for the pets available for adoption in Canada?


I am always searching for other people, as part of my job, working for an International organization. I have seen a few on petfinder, but not nearly as many as their should be.

Update 2:

I would also like to know of any such sites in Australia.

( just noticed typo in the former post..'there' lol

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    Source(s): Hope one of these might be what your looking for there are a couple like petfinder for unwanted adobtable pets etc
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    Petfinder also contains Canadian listings. But, for some reason postal codes don't work. You can search by city and province though. For example, if you lived in Toronto, you would type Toronto, ON when it asks for your location. As a shelter or rescue group in Canada, you can register with the same as you would is you were from the US.

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    Hi Chetco, depending on the Location in Canada, there are several shelters and services offered for pets. Web site: and phone number is 519-623-2070

    If the Province is listed, shelter and rescue listings are given. Northwest Territories has a beautiful featured adoptable pet, and many more besides him.

    Contact NWT SPCA, YELLOWKNIFE, NORTHWEST TERRITORIES. All provinces have SPCA. Good luck.

    Actually, all provinces have info for you if you check out SPCA.

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    I would imagine you could go on the internet and list petfiner/Canada. Or go onto pet adoption/Canada. Im not sure if you are looking to adopt a pet in Canada or buy one from a shelter. If so, go to Canada and look up pet shelters or adopt a pet or humane society.

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  • maxmom
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    Yes, I just saw a Humane Society website for Canada. They usually have pet rescue sites listed as well as thier own shelter pets.

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    I am sure there is. I don't know right off. I live in Germany. But you could try checking the yellow pages or phone book in Canada through Yahoo.

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    honestly, I have never heard of one. You would make lots of money if you started one though :) I would just check your newspaper and you local shelters- found in a phone book.

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    my sister in law lives in montreal here is the zip code, give it a try good luck...(H4L4G8)

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    Yes once again it is

    thank ya

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    1 decade ago This is the only thing I know!!!

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