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Why is it impossible to choke yourself to death?

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    Because it's natural for your body to want to prevent it from happening. You will only get so far and you will let go and gasp for air. That's just how the human works. Plus when you lose consiousness you will let go then be able to breath again.

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    It's very possible, btw. If you decide you want to use an object such as a belt or a tie, you could choke yourself. Since the object is probably at a tight grip, and staying at that grip, without anyone releasing it, that choking would lead to death. And you would never come to; in other words; wake up. You would basically never go unconscious either. You would literally die. It's a LOT less painful than stabbing, cutting, shooting etc. HANGING is a source of choking because anything gripped and held in place at the neck or throat is considered choking. If you use your hands to choke yourself, you would have lack of air and as an instinct, your body, your brain, would send messages throughout your body, to the hands, to tell them to let go. If you're really going for the whole killing thing, using hands, you would just go unconscious and then eventually wake up. I hope I answered your question and helped you.

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    Choke Yourself

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    Why is it impossible to choke yourself to death?

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    Because when you choke yourself you eventually lose conciousness, therefore losing the ability to continue choking yourself.

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    If you're talking about strangling yourself with your own hands, it's because your hands will fall relaxed after you go unconscious.

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    if you hang yourself it's possible but if you are just chocking yourself with your hands it is not because once you pass out you will automaticlly start to breathe again

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    hanging is kinda choking-idk maybe because you can't go through with it?

    P.S. Suicide is not the way 2 go

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    tis NOT impossible, but i think your thinking of when people do it and then their reflexes to let themselves breathe...

    Source(s): ive tried, but my dad found me before i died..., i tried to hang myself so it is possible
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    because ur hands would get tired???

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