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Whats the difference between cointreau, triple sec, and grand marnier?

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    The difference is in how they're produced.

    They're all a type of liquor known as "Curacao" which is made primarily from the peel of Curacao or bitter oranges.

    Triple sec and Cointreau are basically the same. They're sweet, clear, slightly sticky and have a light flavour to them. Cointreau is a brand name of triple sec and it's of a slightly higher quality than the regular stuff.

    Grand marnier is what is known as a "Grand Curacao". It's typically made with cognac as the base alcohol and uses the same orange peel as the flavouring agent. Like Cointreau, Grand Marnier is a name brand and you can find other Grand Curacao out there with varying degrees of quality.

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    When Curacao (Curacao being a citrus liqueur fermented fro the peel of Laraha fruit which is the result of Spanish settlers trying to transplant Valencia oranges to the small island in the South Caribbean) was becoming popular in the mid 19th century, Edouard Cointreau who was the son of "Cointreau Freres" distillery in Angers France decided he wasn't fond of the overly sweet flavour. He decided to use his father's distillery which formerly produced a very popular cherry liqueur called "guignolet," to perfect and produce a superior orange liqueur. The name Triple Sec was first coined by Edouard Cointreau to describe his creation being triple the essential oils of orange peels and sec and in dry to explain the lower sugar content. As many other companies tried to reproduce these Triple Secs, they eventually removed the "triple sec" from the Cointreau label all together as not to be associated with the inferior copy cats. Cointreau and the modern day Triple Sec from Ontario Canada are not the same thing…as is Grand Marnier a completely different thing as well being an orange flavoured Cognac (fermented from grapes and made in Cognac France)

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    Triple Sec

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    Grand Marnier is more of an orange flavored cognac whereas Contreau is a type of triple sec though it's a bit higher in alcoholic content (40%) than the typical triple sec (20-30%).

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    Cointreau is a brand of triple sec liqueur. So is Grand Marnier. Triple sec is a colorless (or nearly colorless), orange-flavored liqueur used in numerous mixed drinks and recipes as a sweetening and flavoring agent.

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    they all have an orange flavor triple sec is the cheapest tho and grand marnier is more of an orange conac flavor

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    Price and quality. Best-Gran Marnier. Mid-Cointreau. Poor-Triple Sec.

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    Grand Marnier I consider one of the best for drinks and cakes (delicious).

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    about 30 bucks

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    nothing big really just price of each 3x sec would be d cheapest and grand would be considered "top self"

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