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Tack Confusion?

Does anyone konw what the black, shield like thing on the face above the muzzle of some cross country horses are for?

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  • Beth K
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    It's an adhesive strip that helps increase the horse's air intake during exertion, kind of like the 'Breathe Right' nasal strips people wear during exercise, for snoring, or during nasal congestion. It helps lift and hold open the nasal passages for better breathing.

    They are being increasingly used on athletic horses during extreme exertion such as eventing, racing, and polo. They apply with a mild adhesive and are easily removed with lotion, vegetable oil, or soap and water.

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    It's a "Breathe-Right" nasal strip (although probably not that particular brand, exactly.)

    Nasal strips became instantly popular after they were invented, since people said they immediately helped them breathe so much better (I wouldn't know, I've never personally tried one.)

    So it makes sense that it could help the horse also, with oxygen intake during intense physical activity.

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    Nazil Strips for horses

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    Those are nasal strips, they are put on horses during speed competetions to enhance breathing, they are sticky on one side, and it lifts and opens the nostrils so they can breathe in more air at a time. (Since horses can't breathe through their mouths.)

    Hope I helped!

    *Barrel Racer*

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    do not take your horse out on the course till you could journey thoroughly in a fenced section. he's not giving to rigidity in any respect! If he became a roping or barrel horse he could have had a tie down used to maintain his head down, yet once you could soften his mouth and neck with workouts, it is going to likely be lots extra advantageous for you and him. In a around pen, use the two palms on the reins, ask him to drop his head and supply to rigidity by utilizing pulling gently back in the direction of your bellybutton whilst squeezing including your heels. whilst he drops his head and provides to the rigidity you're exerting, launch your palms and heels, and permit him walk on. shop doing this till his ears are point including your saddle horn. as quickly as he's giving to rigidity at a walk, try a trot. opposite instructions, and verify he remains point. tell him Whoa, and if he would not supply up at as quickly as, back him up problematic and quickly. He desires to be attentive to you mean employer. If there is somebody to help you with instructions, on your protection, pass there and get help.never use draw reins till you be attentive to what you're doing! they're a super instruction gadget, yet once you don't be attentive to a thank you to apply them you have one heck of a injury! stable success!

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    You could be talking about the noseband-- which in this picture is a 'flash' which keeps the horses mouth closed and allows better connection.

    OR a breathright nasal strip. It keeps their nostrils open more so then can breathe better since crosscountry involves a lot of running.

    Source(s): Good luck and if you need any more help you can contact my equine help hotline by adding Equine Help 101 to you AIM/AOL buddy list or by emailing for prompt answers and advice!
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    I believe it increases air intake, to make riding easier. If you want one for your horse, order one by searching on google. Then go to and join, remember to type in your sponsor being Beega1. This will give you something to do while waiting for your order to come in!

  • It seems to me that it keeps the noseband from rubbing the horses nose. Cross country horses have to run and jump and do it fast. The work makes them sweat. Its kinda like when we get blisters from flip-flops or shoes. My guess is it keeps those nasty blisters away. I dunno...Google It!! :)

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