Help me write a cover letter for the ASPCA please!?

I am applying as a special agent and haven't a clue as of how to let them know that I have a passion for helping animals without being overly-sentimental. Anybody have any ideas of what I can say that might catch their eye if I faxed over my resume?

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    In a cover letter you want to mix your desire to do the job with the skills you will bring to the organization. Take a good look at the job reqs if they are posted. Otherwise contact the ASPCA and find out more about the position. Also, find out the correct person to address your cover letter to so it will have a personal touch.

    A cover letter is your secret weapon because it gives you an opportunity to interject emotion along with your skills. Don't ramble, keep it to the point. Don't rush it, it needs to be written well.

    Feel free to run your draft by me if you want.

    Source(s): I am a former recruiter and job coach. Also author of Find That Job, Land That Job, Your guide to a better career. P.S. I love cats and am an ASPCA member. See my cats at
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    If you are applying for a vacant position as a special agent there should be a job description or person specification available. Get hold of this and reply based on each of the requirements of the person specification. If there is no vacant job or person spec not available, give them a call and do some research before sending in your resume. Then make sure your resume includes the knowledge and skills you can bring to the job based on what you will be expected to do. Hope this helps!


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