Question about Lion King the musical?

My MIL wants to take my four year old and my three year old nephew to see Lion King the age appropriate is that? Do you think that they are too young to understand and enjoy?

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    I think they would love the music and spectacle, but I think they might be a little young to sit and be quiet for the length of the show. Do they go to movies, and are they quiet? Have they been to any local children's theatre shows?

    TLK is attended, not just by families, but by theatre buffs, who won't be happy to have tired children nearby.

    Only you know how your children behave. I'm only just considering taking my 8-year-old to TLK; I wouldn't take my 6-year-old if you gave me a thousand dollars. :-)

    Good luck!

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    Lion King Age

  • waldy
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    It's appropriate, but the length is an issue--two-plus hours is a LONG time for 3s and 4s to sit still and be silent. When I saw Lion King, there was a family with very young kids--about that age--in front of us, and it was really tough for us to watch, as the kids were climbing all over the seats, asking questions, etc.

    I work in theatre, so I'm all for taking kids to see shows, but please consider that others around you want to see it, too. Can your kids sit through an entire movie without disturbing the other patrons? If so, they are probably good to go. If not, please consider waiting two years or so, when they will get a lot more out of it.

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    personally 3 and 4 year old are too young to go see the musical because there is a very good chance that they would ruin the experience for other people who watching the musical. kids that young usually tends not being able to sit through the entire show and wanting to get up and start doing other stuff.

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    It's a Disney musical--sure it's age appropriate! With all the costumes and delights on stage, they will have fun, assuming that they can handle sitting there. I don't recall there being any "scary" moments (such as loud bangs or explosions), if you are confident about their behavior, then the show is a GREAT idea!

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    The four year old might enjoy it. I'd make sure he sees the movie first and that it doesn't upset him. Three is too young. And remember, the hyenas roam the aisles and can be a little scary. It's an excellent and very imaginative show.

    Source(s): Grandma of 2 and I've seen the show.
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    First of all, it would be great exposure for your kids to have seen a Broadway show so early on! It is of course appropriate because it's Disney. Also, it's not like a "Disney on Ice"-This show is gorgeous and I'm sure any child would be awed an amazed by all of the theatrics. Plus, what an amazing bonding opportunity for your kids and their grandmother.

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    It's a great show but it may be a little frightening for young children. I would say it depends on their temperament - if they're easily frightened by loud noises, then it might not be a great idea, but otherwise it should be fine.

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    1 decade ago

    of course they would love it i saw it wen i was 5 it was lovely for that age

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