refinancing an auto loan?

I need to refinance my auto loan it is currently through wells fargo, and WOW they are ridiculous! Every month ieither send in my payment, make it by phone or pay it online, and every month they are calling about the payment. I have to send them proof that it was paid. I understand that everyone can make a mistake but this company is just stupid! So i want to refinance my loan with another company. Know of any great ones? I would prefer to have a company that will only call if the payment is actually late, and not just missplaced by one of their workers.

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    Start with a local community bank or credit union. Keeping it local keeps it real.

    The national lenders suck at customer service -- the main reason that I refuse to do business with BofA ever again. They fooked up a car loan on me over 20 years ago and I still haven't let them off the hook from that fiasco.

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    Auto finance is what I do for a living and there is something wrong here. Wells Fargo is one of the largest banks in this Country and also one of the best.

    If you are having this type of problem, call their customer service department and complain.

    As far as answering your question, there are several H.S.B.C., Citifinancial Auto Finance and Capital-One are all good banks. You can apply on line to all three.

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    Do you have a checking account? If so, go to the bank or credit union where your account is and ask them about refinancing your loan. Banks are usually pretty easy to deal with.

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    Yes i also had the same problem with them and i think that they still don't use to keep their data. you can find some good one over here.

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