What are 3 kinds of kumintang?

Pleease help!!!! looked for all the site they were about a barrio or a city in batangas and an epic

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    Try to look harder next time.

    1. Sound Factory

    "Kumintang - (originated from Balayan, Batangas) It was first a war song and dance, used chiefly to inflame the spirit of the warriors. Later, it became a love song and a love dance. As a love song, it is tender and sweet, and passionate and sometimes gloomy.

    a. Kumintang of conquest - whose music is of pristine beauty

    b. Kumintang of the Balayans - known as the Tagalog bridal song consisting of three parts with an introduction

    c. Kumintang - set to the awits and corridos (narrative songs)"

    2. Filipino Kundiman

    "According to the notes of Retana to Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas of Morga, three classes of Comintang were known:

    I. The Comintang of the conquest;

    II. The Comintang of the Balayans or Tagalog bridal feasts; and the

    III. The Comintang with which the Awits (narrative songs) are accompanied."

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