Are neo-cons aware that Lee Greenwood's God Bless the USA was about a man who lost his family farm?

It was written in the early 1980s after the Federal Government and the evil private entity, the Federal Reserve, spent over a decade (Nixon, Ford & Carter) destroying our currency and economy throughout the 1970s until Ronald Reagan and Paul Volcker cleaned up their mess.

Lee Greenwood's song was a song of pride for our country even after losing his family farm. Soon our nation will become bankrupt due to spending trillions fighting Neo-con wars and because of the $87 trillion in unfunded welfare schemes (FDR / Social Security; Bush - Medicare RX & Medicare / Medicaid LBJ).

Bush (41 & 43) and Clinton's assault on American sovereignty through various treaties subverting our constitution and democracy will soon lead to a dissolution of the United States of America.

Hopefully, God will bless the USA and bring an American president who loves America and is concerned with the future of our nation though I am not holding my breath.

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Unfunded welfare schemes are the promises to pay for Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid RX to future generations. We have promised benefits but have not funded them.

If a corporation promises benefits to retirees (ie. GM), they have to list the future liability on their books. America has this $87 Trillion Future Liability that is not funded and should be listed as debt but isn't due to sham government accounting. Both parties are responsible for this mess.

These amounts do not include the $2.5 Trillion cost to Social Security and nearly $10 Trillion cost to Medicare if Leave No Illegal Alien behind is passed and tens of millions of Mexicans are added to the welfare rolls.

Update 2:

Watch the video and decide for yourself:

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The song is about a man leaving his family farm up for foreclosure auction.

It also shows the family looking at a photo of a former service member (Vietnam IMO) and a veteran at the table.

I am sure he is happy to cash the royalty checks for the alterations of the original concept. Lee Greenwood supports both Iraq wars so he is not being a hypocrite.

My point is the original song concept was not about fighting global never ending neo-con wars but rather the pride in America even when things are going bad. I am pretty certain most people who have heard this song thought it was written at the time of one of the Iraq wars (there was a rerelease in 1991 and after 9/11).

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    I knew that . I was born & raised on a farm In GOD COUNTRY, upstate Maine. In a way thje farmers caused part of the problem themself. When. corn , wheat, barley prices were high & land prices were low every one wanted to be bigger so they went on a land buying spree. Then the price of feed grains went in the dumper. They were going broke but they still had the Federal loans to pay off. It is the same way with my home . If I buy some thing with a loan in good times I still have to make payments if I lose my job.They take my home if I can not pay my mortage. That is how it works. You borrow money & you must pay it back with the only thing you have. The farmers found this out the hard way..

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    Quote: I wrote the song God Bless the USA in appreciation of the soldiers who have fought and died for our freedom End quote. Heard him say that at a concert at a Vietnam Veterans Reunion.

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    I'm confused. Why are you saying that "unfunded welfare schemes" AND funding "Neo-con wars" will be our ruin? I think all large government expenditures, especially the bloated welfare state, bankrupt this country - literally and figuratively.

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    Yeah , so? Born in the USA and This Land is Your Land were protest songs too....happens all the what was point again?

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    Reagan cleaned up what? Under his administration unemployment reached double digits for the only time since the depression.

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    Neocons? What now the liberals have this in written in their handbook... sheesh..

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    Thanks for pointing that out. I've always looked at it as a song and never really concerned myself with it's origin or how it was derived. :)

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