Does taking a speech class in college help me with overcoming shyness and becoming a talkable person?


if yes then I should have taken the class long time ago.

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    It couldn't hurt. If you're talking about public speaking, that's a fear that many people have. It's near the top of the list - if not the top - of things people fear the most. A speech class could definitely help it. Not only would it help you be more comfortable in front of the class, but maybe it could also help when you are in group situations in general. If you're interested in it and are willing to try it, I say go for it!

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    It didn't help me. It wasn't fun, but I did make it through it, which I wasn't sure I'd be able to do. But I really don't think it helped me at all. I already knew most of the things that you learn in the class, at least the ones that pertain to the actual speaking part.

    My mom always used to tell me that I should have taken speech in high school and then in college...and I finally had to in college...too bad it didn't help.

    And I think you mean talkative, not talkable.

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    Yes, this will excel your social life tremendously. When I was growing up, shy, not talkative and a group called the Toastmasters had a meeting I attended. The group members would be assigned a speech topic and they would give it at the meeting each week. Just listening of humor, jokes, and serious topics there were, but it gives you ideas, not only for your speech, but lines to use in communicating with others. Speech was offered in our High School. Take it.

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    it means you give speeches in class

    Source(s): my sister took one
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