How to be good with kids?

I'm not good with little kids and I have to volunteer for community service hours. How do I get better with little kids because everytime I just feel like there's nothing to say to them.

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    All you need to do is take an active interest in their activities and achievements and always encourage and praise them in their efforts. Children don't need to have long, in depth conversations, so don't worry about "thinking of what to talk about". If they're drawing, ask them what it is, why they're drawing it, what else they want to draw. If they've just mastered some physical feat (like jumping really high or really far, for example), clap and congratulate them on such a wonderful jump and ask them if there's anything else they can do.

    Always be cheerful, always be friendly, always answer questions simply and concisely.

    If you're going to be expected to discipline them, don't just scream "NO" or yank things away from them. You can give time-outs in a specific chair and then ask them to explain to you why they were put in time out and why they shouldn't have done what they did. If they were being abusive to another child, have them tell the child they're sorry and why they're sorry.

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    I am a volunteer at a day care center at a local hospital. On my first day I brought all the kids a lollipop, you should ask your manager first.

    Or, if you see one of the kids brought in a toy of there own you could ask them about it and what you do with it, this could get them talking for what seems like forever.

    Another thing is going the other way around and you show them something you brought in, it doesn't have to be very interesting, just something that you could let them barrow for a while.

    If the kids are older you could, well, just be funny and nice. Make them remember you the next day, and if you can you are good to go. You may even attract a mini female follower!

    Good Luck


    Source(s): 3 years of volunteering
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    Remember to get down to their level. Sit or Squat so you can look them in the eye. Pay attention to what they're doing so you can understand what interests them. Ask them questions, sometimes silly if you need to be. Girls LOVE compliments, no matter how old they are. Boys want to be cool, no matter how old they are. Asking a small child what kind of car he drives will get a giggle and usually a "I DON'T DRIVE YET!!!" Tell a little girl you like her shoes and ask to borrow them some time.

    Pay attention to their separate personalities; some will be outgoing, some shy. I like to call them the 3 H's; The Hugger, the Hider or the Hot-Shot. Find out which is which and it'll help you know what to do.

    Most kids will give you a high five if you offer. Being silly opens up most kids. For a really shy one, sit and do a quiet activity with them, they'll open up the more secure they feel. Just remember, you're waiting for them the feel safe with you, so do everything you can to secure that feeling. Once you do, you're in!

    Source(s): Mother of 12 years.
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    It's so easy. Kids are drawn to people who treat them like they are a person and not a kid. Talk to them equally and not like they are less intelligent. Respect them and they respect you it's the easiest thing ever. Kids know the good guys from the bad, they have a sixth sense and know if they are liked and wanted or not. Although in some cases there are children who don't get the attention they feel they need and will do anything to get your attention. My advise for those cases are to remain the way you are with the rest of the children, but make sure they know you acknowledge them and hear them when they talk. An icebreaker for conversation is asking their name, age, and think about what you were interested at their age, be a kid yourself. You might have fun and possibly make a difference in someones life. Ain't that cool!!

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    I wasn't very good with kids until a few years ago - I had to learn.

    I've had people ask me what I did to become so good with kids because the change was so dramatic. My reply is these three points:

    1. Remember what it was like to be a kid.

    -- For example, I was playing pool with a 12yo once and he just started hitting the balls around. At first I was upset because he wasn't "following the rules". But after a moment I remembered that when I was his age, I enjoyed just smacking the balls around the table. I did that and we had a blast.

    2. Be sincere.

    -- Kids can tell if someone is leading them on. And they will react negatively to it. Just relax and say what you feel or think. Sometimes they may reply with something that hurts your feelings, but they aren't often being mean, just being honest. Which is how you should be.

    3. Don't repeat yourself.

    -- The kid heard you the first time, guaranteed. They chose not to follow your instruction. You either have to re-say what you said differently or make what you are trying to get across more interesting than what they are currently doing.

    Also, I find my ability to spend time with kids rather limited - a few hours at max. I've learned that they wear me out. "Playing" is very exhausting. Don't underestimate that you will get tired quickly. Then you will have less patience and will get short and curt, which you don't want to be around children. So limit your time with them at first. Take frequent brakes. Even if you have to fake needing to go to the bathroom a lot.

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    Remember that little kids are just little people. Listen to them when they tell you something or ask questions and don't downplay it in your own mind. Give them the same respect you would want when they share ideas. And answer their questions with thoughful (age appropriate) answers. Remember, too that little kids can read your attitude. Kind of like a dog can tell if you're scared. If kids think that you are uncomfortable around them, they will feel uncomfortable too, because they won't understand why you are uncomfortable. So they won't make it easy for you to be around them. Think back to when you were little. What interested you? That will help you think of things to talk about. With most kids, though, if you simply open up the opportunity for conversation by asking a few simple questions, they will steer the rest of the conversation.

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    The first and foremost thing to know about little kids are that they are egocentric, meaning that it is always about them. As a Early Childhood education major, the idea is to be able to do what they want to do with your rules. Little kids are easy to get along with. Find their interest and expand it with what you know. They love a caring personality. It could be as simple as as being interested in a conversation they lead or letting them show you how to do something. All they care about is that they count. Even with aggressive kids if you show a little interest it can go a a long way. It may even lighten the kid up. Do not give up because nothing beats a failure but a try. Find your inner kid and show it to them. Kids love that.

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    Kids are just like little people. Now, you can't talk about a lot of things with them, but they are pretty interesting. A lot of kids like to color or play outside. Find out what their favorite color is, and then get different shades of that color and help them draw a picture with that color. If you're more of an outdoors person, find out what their favorite game (ex. tag, hide and seek) or sport is, then play it with them. If all else fails, plop them on the couch and watch a movie (rated G, of course). Just spending time with them will get you more used to kids. If you are really that uncomfortable around kids, maybe you should find some other form of community service. Good Luck!

    Source(s): My amazing babysitting experience :D
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    Sure there are a lot to say to kids.

    1. Read kids books at the library or local book store.

    2. Take a kid to lunch a relative and find out what kids do.

    3. Watch a few kids show etc, so you know what recent characters they like.

    4. Good luck and relax, and you see they are better then most adults.

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    hi, ok here is a bit of ideas or advice. Firstly I work with kids in a daycare the kids I work with are 2 and 3 years old. So, as I don't know how old you are or how old they are. I will try to help. Firstly kids love to talk about themselves, their lives and their family. Ask them lots of questions about that. Like how many brothers or sisters they have etc. Ask what they like to do as far as sports, crafts and other interests. Basically it is really a great idea to get down to there level mentally. You got to think like a kid and be childlike but not to much and you should not force it. Try to remember what it was like when you were a kid. The sports you liked to play, the shows you enjoyed. Stuff like that. And you can even ask simple things like what there favorite toy is, what they like to eat best. There is a lot to talk about if you can just use your imagination! Good luck hope it goes well! And oh, kids can be a handful so you really really have to extremely patient with them!

    Source(s): daycare worker volunteer
  • Don't try to act like anything your not. Kids are smart enough to realize that and less likely to shut down on you if you just be yourself. Kids are simple people who need attention. You will find that some enjoy playing catch or drawing. Others just want someone by them to ensure there safe and secure. Kids minds are not filled with the stereotypical hype that adults have. This is your chance to show a group of people what a great person you are.

    I will say this, if you don't want to be around kids and have fun with the kids, then don't do it. You shouldn't be doing it if you HAVE too. I would find another volunteer avenue to do if hanging out with kids is not your thing.

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