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6-2 volleyball rotation for middle hitters?

i need to learn a 6-2 volleyball rotation as middle hitter by tomorrow! help!

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    This really depends on your coach. You should check in with a player from the team you play for or one of the coaches. Usually the middle hitter will only play the front 3 positions on a 6-2 (except maybe serving). Responsibilities will be to hit in the middle (potentially as a quick attack) and block all three spots on defense.

    Good luck!!

    Source(s): I have coached high school for the past 6 years and have spent a couple years coaching different levels of JO. I often use the 6-2.
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    Volleyball 6-2 Serve Receive

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    The 6-2 really depends on the serve receive that the coach wants to use. Once the ball is passed, it is easy for the middle hitter. Go to the middle and wait for the back row setter to set you. There are thousands of serve receive patterns that coaches use, so it would be impossible to tell you where to start.

    You want to try to block all 3 positions. Make sure you block your middle first and then help both outsides.

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    generally this denation of 6-2 n 6-1 are used to denote the number of players to the number of the setters in the when they say 6-1 it is that there are 6 players out of which one is a setter n for a 6-2 denotion its out of six players 2 are the setters n you being the middle spiker got to be ready to attack which ever ball is set by any one of these setters n observe the positions of the setters where they are n which direction are you anticipating the ball to come get ur reflexes ready thats al the drive wil take you know the basic thing is that there are rules n schemes to guide you but once you are in the court it the instinct that drives you thats all nothing else just the instinct as player which is in built in you.

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    this is what my coach does with me

    left front-stay on the left side of the net and let the setter pull up to you, then go hit in the middle

    middle front- stay up at the net in the middle. then transition off and hit a middle

    Right front- go to the ten foot line and stay on the right side of the court. the transition towards the middle and hit a middle.

    Right back-serve then get in passing position in middle back and try to pass a ball

    After that your done until whoever subs in for you gets to left front

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    Basic rule of thumb that i used was, when on sever recieve, once the ball goes back over the net, then you go to the middle, until then, play your position. When your serving, as soon as the ball goes over the net from the serve, go to the middle. Besides that, its all on where you coach decides to place you.

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    you mean when the play is happening where you gotta go?? well just square off and always be towards the ball. when its a left attack go to your right hitter for extra help..when its a right attack go to your left hitter for extra block[[help]]. let me know if you need anything else.

    Source(s): volleyball camp=]]
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    learning a 6-2 rotation in one day... tsk tsk, procrastination is baad.

    thanks for the points!

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    if your playing just play ,but if ur reffing i wud say ur in too deep sorry learn ur sport or watch and chuti-it get uv99

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