How do I stop the urge to cut myself if I have done it before and don't know if I can stop myself any longer?

I'm 16 and have cut myself before, I don't know how long I can keep myself from doing it again. I'm sick of this life and want to go further then self harm!!!!!!

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    You need to talk to someone. I talked to a counselor in college for the same reason. He helped me sort things out and gave me a outlet to talk out what I'm thinking. I can't say I've never been tempted again to cut, but now I'm happily married and I have a beautiful daughter and I have other things to make me feel alive. I haven't cut in 2 years and I haven't wanted to cut since my daughter was born 16 months ago. Keep your chin up!

    if you want to talk you can email me:

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    4 years ago

    Hi, I am 35 and will tell you I self harmed for 6 years straight and fight urges daily. It is great that you know it is not good and you want to stop because believe me it is an addicting coping skill. You yourself mentioned that. First be strong! It was an easy way out for me to take the abuse out on myself rather than being abused your listening to the abuse. I was in control when I cut and as you know it is a release. What I have learned is not to let the abusers win or be vulnerable. I have used many techniques when I wanted to self harm. Many will say occupy your mind with music, talk to someone, read, etc well that will work but if you are really angry it does not. This is what I have done when the urges were too bad. 1) Take a potato and slash it 2) Ice cube in your hand and squeeze it, it hurts but no scars! 3) A glue bottle dyed red and make marks on where you want to slash and let it dry and pick it off. I know this is not easy and I will tell you that I fight urges daily after being 5 years clean and slipped up recently. I myself want to release in a bad way but will hang on knowing that it hurts others around me that I love. They may not understand that some are the reason why I choose this coping skill. I want you to know that after covering my arms and legs for 11 years and have 50 plus scars that what does one more mean? It should not mean anything right, I have so many. However they win when I self inflict and I will not let them anymore and you should not either! Hang in there!

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    1 decade ago

    You need to seek professional treatment. Self harm is generally not something you can stop on your own.

    These techniques are from

    Acknowledge that this IS a problem, that you are hurting on the inside, and that you need professional assistance to stop injuring yourself.

    Realize that this is not about being bad or stupid – this is about recognizing that a behavior that somehow was helping you handle your feelings has become as big a problem as the one it was trying to solve in the first place.

    Find one person you trust – maybe a friend, teacher, minister, counselor, or relative – and say that you need to talk about something serious that is bothering you.

    Get help in identifying what “triggers” your self-harming behaviors and ask for help in developing ways to either avoid or address those triggers.

    Recognize that self-injury is an attempt to self-sooth, and that you need to develop other, better ways to calm and sooth yourself

    Try some substitute activities when you feel like hurting yourself – there are some examples here, and many more that can be found online (links are provided below):

    If cutting is a way to deal with anger that you cannot express openly, try taking those feelings out on something else – running, dancing fast, screaming, punching a pillow, throwing something, ripping something apart

    If cutting is a way to feel something when you feel numb inside, try holding ice or a package of frozen food, taking a very hot or very cold shower, chewing something with a very strong taste (like chili peppers, raw ginger root, or a grapefruit peel), or snapping a rubber band hard on your wrist

    If cutting is a way to calm yourself, try taking a bubble bath, doing deep breathing, writing in a journal, drawing, or doing some yoga

    If cutting involves your having to see blood, try drawing a red ink line where you would usually cut yourself, in combination with other suggestions above

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    Go to a psych. counselor.. Get some help.. You're might be in serious danger.. I'm glad that you want to stop yourself. I am a peer counselor at school.. and I've talked to people like you... I've referred them to some of the places that help people like you.. I'm sorry I don't have the list for you right now but I'm wondering if the internet has any.. I'm sorry but I hope you get help and stop harming yourself.

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    1 decade ago

    you need to seek profesional help really

    see a phyciatrist

    becasue if your thinking that your not in the right state of mind

    and if you dont do that

    you need to do things to make you happy

    hang out with friends is the best

    you need to get out in the world and see whats good to live

    you may not think anything is right in your life but

    dieing is not worth it

    really you need to tell someone around you how you feel and talk to someone about it

    crying also helps

    just dont cut yourself

    see your worth in life

    see your purpose and be happy

    you dont deserve to be hurting yourself like no one in this world

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    Just don't do it . You are not like that anymore. You will always have a past but you dont need to think about it all the time cause its not nessesary. There is love for you everywhere that you are not looking ;)

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    The only person that can really help you is a therapist. I think that its best if you ask if you can see one. For short term use you can try

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    please seek help. tell a friend, a family member, a school sconselour. ANYONE. life is really beautiful when you look around. dont take your life away when it has just begun. everything gets better, i promise

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    1 decade ago

    please go speak to a professional or to an adult that you trust. you can even go see a doctor, they will be able to refer you to someone who can help you!

    Please get the help you need!

  • 1 decade ago

    well throw away all your insane clown posse and disturb cd's. your 16 your all emo i mean most people in the world are alot worse off then you so stop cutting yourself and go help some people in the world. go build a home for some poor people.

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