How much does the United States need Illegal Immigrants?

Please read the article in the link provided and give me an honest opinion. Please read the full article and if you still believe that illegal immigrants are indispensable to this country, please give me your opinions. I don't agree that we should allow illegals to be in this country. I don't know how, I don't have the answer but their countries need to figure out a way to keep their citizens in their country.


Petey, you are completely avoiding answering the question. Where are all the supporters? I have't received one good answer yet.

Update 2:

Nice try Jackie S. but I don't see your facts from reputable or an otherwise source. You aren't answering the question.

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    The United States doesn't NEED these people for anything. Big business for cheap labor may need them or maybe there's another agenda they are "needed" for.....but there is nothing I can think of on the face of the earth that any country would NEED illegals for.......except for division and destruction.

    Does anyone else wonder why there seems to be a blanket blind eye to the effects of illegal immigration on the people of every country this is happening too? We are all saying the same thing. We're all facing the same problems. Yet it's the governments which are doing nothing about it. Heck there's riots in the streets and every one of these places can think of nothing better to do than call thier people racist or some other lame excuse and all seem to be totally "helpless" except to find some new way to put more cameras in place and more ways to take the freedoms from the citizens away and more ways to track and chip and monitor their own citizens. Australia atleast says something...France is finally doing something and US and the UK keep twiddling their thumbs and talking virtual junk and more cameras, more chips more diddly-do while the citizens are begging for something to be done.

    Each and everyone of these places has a liberal immigration policy. If they really NEEDED more people they would have changed it and the people would have sensed a need. Heck people have been complaining about needing jobs and especially living wage jobs for a long time. We don't need these people for that. I suppose if they want to cull the population with disease it might be easier for 3rd world people to bring it in than to later find out they (the government) did something worse like kill their own people with something. I mean we don't have universal health care but we're watching the failings of an overburdened system in other countries. What a better way to wipe any social system that was working, than to overburden it with a huge influx of people who don't pay into it, never had it and don't really miss it because it was never a way of life for them.

    There's just so many things that just don't make sense. It's not just happening here.........just scarey to me to wonder what the master plan really is.

  • Lynn
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    1 decade ago

    The truth of the matter, is that our own dear president, wants

    the illegals to have an open border. I listened to Talk Radio

    today, and listened to Guiliani give an interview and also heard part of the speach that Bush gave this afternoon. He

    is so adament on the subject,he sounds almost frantic. It's as

    if he's under the gun to get these Mexican Nationals (aka

    Ilegal aliens/immigrants) over here. Like there's a time factor involved.

    I heard the new proposed bill read today, and it has no solution to the border. But it does propose that there be open

    "commerce" between the two countries for business. He gives no explanation of how our nation is supposed to absorb all those numbers in addition to those who will follow who are related. He doesn't say anything about selling out his country.

    And he sure didn't say anything about our boys in the military

    fighting for what they believe are the freedoms to continue in

    their own country and not be overrun by one single race of

    people. Someone suggested maybe the reason he is in

    such a hurry, is to get the bad deed done before more soldiers come home and see what has happened to their country. Never before in the history of these United States have we everbeen so divided on one issue. Not even the Civil War in the 1800's. There are cities that will allow sanctuary of Mexicans that sneak across our borders now, and there are cities that don't allow them to work. And there are anglos' that are doing the work of what the illegals are crossing over to do. Just not as many of them.

    I think it's time I read up on what the Boston Tea Party

    was all about. It was more than dumping tea into a harbor due

    to being overtaxed. But I heard that there is such a rage

    building in our country, that can only be compared with that time in our nations' early history.

    Our only solution, is to take back our country at the polls.

    And also to hammer on our representatives that we voted

    into every political office. If they aren't for a secured border,

    they sure aren't going to see re-election. So they might as

    well start packing their suitcases to go home, right now.

    I also heard that a certain congressman, has issued a

    statement about looking into what they can do, to silence

    the radio talk shows, for they are saying more to the general

    public, than what we should know. As this one particular

    radio talk show host said, "What is that supposed to mean?

    Do they want to silence us permanently? Are they going to

    deny us our right to our freedom of speach? Things have

    been allowed to go too far in Washington. We need a movement to all vote this next election. The voice of the

    people has to be heard, or we all will suffer. This nation can

    no longer be divided by political groups. We are all in this

    together. We will not allow our nation to be taken over, and

    we will will all remember Patrick Henry on that one.

    Source(s): Remembering what it is to be a patriot!
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    1 decade ago

    Just deport them in masses,,yeah, there will be protests and crying and b1tching,,but you know what,,,they will get over it,,perfect example, that little Gonzales kid from Cuba,,his family wanted him to stay,,yet is living father was in Cuba, and and all the protests and crying and moaning and groaning and the bleeding heart organizations,,but guess what,,2 weeks later is was old news, we do not need the illegals and if they have babies, then the babies can stay with legal family members or friends, or they just go back with their parents,,enough is enough,,and they never pay their bills, and even when some do become citizens did they pay back what they took, when they were illegal,,??????

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    Whatever purpose they fill can be filled by legal immigrants. There are about 133 countries in the world. Many of them would love to come here legally to work. Not just Mexico.

    Furthermore, what the heck is wrong down in Mexico that so many millions of Mexicans have to come here to work? Why doesn't anyone try fixing what is wrong in Mexico? We don't have millions of illegal Canadians here do we?


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Only Republicans need illegals to exploit. That way they can force thier rednecks to work for less.

    The economy is strongest where the minimum wage is highest. Places with minimum wages over $10 an hour have the best economies.

    Google poorest counties ad see what you get

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    1 decade ago

    I don't mean to be presumptious, but I would rephrase your question. I believe that you're really asking whether the United States needs more immigrants than it can attract legally.

    For example, if the quotas were increased for immigrants from, say, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic, Russia, and other European countries would we not attract enough immigrants legally so that we would not need to augment their numbers by also turning a blind eye to others who enter illegally?

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    We don't need them at all. Never have, never will. Other countries like Mexico love to export their trash to the US. Wouldn't you love to send all the criminals and welfare people elsewhere? Contrary to popular belief Mexico has a wealth of natural resources. But like most 3rd world countries 95% of the wealth is held by 5% of the population. And for those who doubt me, if we keep on our present path you will see for yourselves. Right here in the good old USA.

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    The U.S. can get along fine without illegal aliens. Some businesses would find that they are spending a bit more, but not really that much more. The nation does not need illegal immigarnts, but certain industries appear to think that they do.

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    We don't. If Congress would do basic math they can see that by adding in all the hidden cost that we pay for, it is not even worth it.

    Edit: Petey can't face the truth either. I can build my own da*n house, and I'd pay more for food to know that my tax money is going to LEGAL AMERICANS!

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    1 decade ago

    Believe it or not but the U.S. needs illegal immigrants more than you might think. If it were not for them, the economy would not be doing as well as it is now .... they come over here and buy things and put money back into our economy and in turn it ends up helping everybody out. I'm not saying they should be allowed to come over here or anything like that .... I'm just saying that they help our economy.

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