How to add freon to an Amana Fridge?

I have an Amana Fridge that is a few years old and the Fridge is having a hard time making ice and seems to need to be charged any ideas or cheap solutions or how to add freon

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    HVAC tech. clean the bottom of your fridge or freezer #1 cause. could be coil freezing up too much. I would clean first then check defrost cycle. refrigerant is eather r-12 or 407 both of which you must be qualified to buy. let alone handle.

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    Sometimes this can be caused by dirty condenser coils. These coils either run up the back of the refrigerator or they will be located underneath. If they are underneath, then there is another possible problem- the condenser fan motor.

    You can read more about this for free here:

    If the coils are dirty, you can either vacuum them, blow them clean with compressed air, or use a coil cleaning brush like this one:

    If it is a bad condenser fan motor, this one will probably work for you:

    If you really do have a refrigerant leak, then you pretty much have to call a repair tech. Accessing a sealed system is now under government regulation because the CFC's in the refrigerant have been found to harm the ozone layer. Repair techs- in order to purchase refrigerant and work on these sealed systems- are required to pass a certification exam as well as capture all refrigerant in a tank for recycling or destruction. Working with freon has gotten a little more complicated lately... and the fines are pretty stiff for bending the rules.

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    You know,

    There is other things you should check before you just up and add freon!

    What is the thermostat setting?

    Remember, now it's summer. You may need to adjust your thermostat on the frig for a kitchen that is now a little warmer.

    Anyway, by the compressor is a valve where a freon gauge can be attached to read the pressure and troubleshoot.

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    how did you come to the conclusion that it needs freon,there are other components that affect the cooling of a fridge,thermostats,defrost heaters,for a fridge that new it should not be freon,and to add freon you have to have the proper tools,you can't buy freon without a license.

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  • 6 years ago

    My amana frig condensor (or evaporator) is not working. We have replaced the thermostat and the relay in the back. All fans and compressor are working. Just the condensor is not frosting up? Any thoughts or help? I'd rather fix than buy new.

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