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How do I deal with sushi cravings during pregnancy?

I've always been a huge fan of sushi, but now that I'm pregnant, I crave it more than ever. The avocado rolls just don't cut it for me, I want the real stuff. And of course, I can't have it. And to make things worse, I live and work in NYC where I am surrounded by the absolute best sushi restaurants.

Has anyone else experienced such cravings? And what kind of food can I substitute to satisfy the craving without eating dangerous fish?

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    My wife had to go to Japan on business and came back a big fan of sushi.

    Sometimes we have used a variety of picked vegetables instead of fish. Maybe with a little research you can find out what fish is safest to eat. There are a number of soy products you can experiment with.

    I say go with your cravings. Also you can not protect your child against every environmental insult out there (just by living in NYC has already exposed your unborn child to plenty, hey I'm from NJ -I can say that). Actually there is plenty of good science in the journals that point out the connection between allergies and a too clean environment.

    If you crave sushi like this you might want to check up on your protein intake. That a little extra protein might cut down on your cravings.

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    Personally, I eat the california rolls to tie me over when I get a sushi craving (I am 14 weeks along). I don't know if I crave something in the seaweed, the wasabi, or the ginger, but the california rolls do the trick for me. You might try a small order of some rolls without the raw fish, and then add a piece of cooked fish to your meal, like tuna or salmon.

    I know that some doctors say that sushi is all right, but I would prefer to go the 'better safe than sorry' route, especially considering the parasites. I know that it seems like forever, but 9 months will fly by - then you can have all of the sushi you want!

    Good luck and congrats on the pregnancy!

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    I'm in the same boat as you. I just have resolved to NOT give in for the baby's sake though it's killing me. I'm also a big steak fan and having to cook it to what I consider overcooked to make it safe isn't any good either. Sometimes when the sushi craving gets bad enough I get the California rolls with the fake crab in the middle and pretend that it doesn't taste like that, but rather like the sushi I really want. I totally lay on the wasabi to try and cover it up. It doesn't really help. My imagination isn't good enough to make that big a transformation. I've decided that the day I get out of the hospital after the baby is born I'm going to stop for sushi on the way home! LOL

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    Will cooked fish work? You can have certain fish products (not raw, of course). It is normal to have cravings and you are probably craving fish for the protein and Omega 3's in it. You might try taking an Omega 3 supplement, as it sounds like your body is used to having that if you eat a lot of sushi. Also, make sure you are getting your protein some way. That might help curb some of the cravings.

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    The risks of sushi are so exceedingly small that I wouldn't worry. Something like 3-5 people get sick from sushi in the US each year.

    However assuming you would rather avoid that risk. You can have shrimp sushi, all shrimp is consumed cooked and at most restaurants it doesn't sit long enough to be a worry. Also crab is served cooked. There is tempura sushi. I believe you can also eat any fish egg sushi. There is also beef sushi sometimes.

    But as near as I can tell Japanese women do eat sushi during pregnancy.

    Source(s): FYI california rolls are actually one of the riskiest sushi to eat. Fake crab has the same risk of Listeria as deli meat. The risks aren't that high but generally now pregnant women are advised not to eat deli meat. And listeria really is dangerous during pregnancy.
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    Some types of sushi, such as cooked eel and rolls with steamed crab/veggies, are safe to eat during pregnancy. Other types of raw fish, though, can contain tapeworms and other parasites that your body (and your baby) cannot fight off effectively while pregnant.

    Fish in general, can have PCB or chemical contamination, whether cooked or not. So, to avoid these fish during pregnancy, call your local health department or the the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a list of 'safe fish' in your area.

    The bugger is, almost everything in sushi rolls is good for you - exept the contaminants. Take seaweed for example: calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, carotene, protein and vitamin B-12. It is a veritable powerhouse of baby building blocks! The downside; it is high in sodium too...

    Usually, when your body is craving something, it is trying to tell you which things in your diet that you are lacking (i.e: craving red meat usually means slight anemia).

    Good luck and sushi safe!

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    I crave sushi all the time! Sorry hun, but I give in here and there. Usually I stay away from the raw stuff...I go for the baked sushi rolls. I will admit I will have a piece of raw sushi but that's it. I suggest eating the baked though. Good luck

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    You can try California rolls, you get the flavor without the fish?

    I would say your best thing is to quit thinking about how you can't have it! Everytime I think about something I can't have I crave it! Think about how you should not have a double scoop of ice cream instead of how you can't have sushi!

    Or just go ahead and dream up your first after pregnancy meal of sushi!

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    Talk to your doctor. I was having awful sushi cravings for two weeks. My doctor actually told me I could eat it. He said stick to the basics and only do it like once a month. I know I have read all the things that say do not eat it, but my doctor told me it was OK. To be honest I have not yet done so. I got rid of the craving by eating avocdo rolls, etc with wasabi and ginger. I think it was the ginger I was actually craving.

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    True - real sushi does taste better, but the cooked sushi (california rolls etc) are pretty good for holding me over. There's one local restaurant here that makes crispy rolls. It's where they take the sushi and tempura it (so the fish is fully cooked) - it's really tasty.

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