When is viral Bronchitis no longer contagious?

I developed Bronchitis over the weekend, I had to stay home from work today because the coughing is severe. I started on Septra (an antibiotic) this morning. When is it safe to go back to work without the risk of infecting my co-workers?



To Lorraine, that's what I've known to be true also. The doc this morning said that this medication in particular is effective - even with viral bronchitis. I've produced stutum, so that prompted her to give me the medication.

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    Bronchitis is not contagious. They gave you the antibiotic because regardless of what caused the bronchitis (viral or bacteria) it helps relieve the symptoms. I usually develop it once a year and without the antibiotics it lasts for a few months versus a few weeks. Here's the thing, there is no virus or bacteria that is called a bronchitis virus/bacteria, like a cold virus or the flu virus. Bronchitis is caused by a virus or bacteria that is causing distress to the bronchial tubes. Something is causing the little 'hairs' in your bronchial tubes that move mucus out to not work as effectively right now. So the mucus builds up and because the irritant cannot be moved out the tubes becomes inflamed, which is why, if it's bad enough to get you to the doctor, when you cough it sounds almost like, well I'll just say it sounds like you're about to donate a lung and your not even dead yet. Plus that would be why you might have that burning feeling when you do cough.

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    48 hours after being on a prescribed medication. You can go bact to work on Wedsnday provided oyu are feeling up to it.

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    I thought antibiotics were used for bacterial infections, not viral infections.

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