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Can a calorie restricted diet lower blood pressure? If so, how quickly would this occur? Hours? Days?

When I am sick, I eat salt-heavy chicken soup which seems to immediately raise my b.p. and consequently makes me feel better. I am wondering if the opposite is true (i.e. not eating anything or very little)?

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    Lowering your sodium intake will have a positive effect on your blood-pressure immediatly.

    Lowering your bodyweight will too, but you might need to loose a minimum of ten or fifteen pounds before you see much of a difference.

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    I'm anaemic as well.. it's so horrible :/ I'm on prescribed Ferrous Sulphate pills atm but they don't seem to be working, by 1pm I'm sososo tired, even if I keep myself hydrated, I just get home and don't have enough energy to revise for my exams. Keep eating the foods the other people have mentioned, that's what I'm doing.

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    Soup is often high in sodium. Watch your sodium intake and you'll probably see your bp do better. Low cals shouldn't affect your bp (it's what you eat that affects that, not quantity of food) and low cal could very well slow your metabolism and thus cause weight gain...being fat won't help your bp.

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