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Besides George W Bush was anyone else shamed by Armed Forces?

Bush is not credited with any medals on this discharge, although he was authorized two: the National Defense Service Medal for 6 months of active duty and a pistol qualification badge. He lost the pistol qualification when he was stripped of all his qualifications but the NDSM should be here and its lack shows that not only was he stripped of all his qualifications but his medals also." (end quote)

Not since the invention of the military uniform has there been one so DISGRACED that he was STRIPPED of every ribbon and yet not received a DISHORABLE discharge.

No country , has a soldier who served 5 1/2 years without even ONE honor. None ...except, the U.S A.

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    Here you are - criticizing somebody for doing more than you ever will.

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    The National Defense Service medal is issued in time of armed conflict. It is a blanket award. What that means is every serving military member will receive one. He was honorably discharged. As much as you hate him, he did nothing that would warrant a discharge that would be something other then honorable. Apparently you have never served, because I can tell you that the DD214 which documents military service is very often issued wrongly with errors. It can take up to six months to correct them. He was not stripped of anything. In order to be stripped of a National Defense Service Medal (I HAVE 2 OF THEM) he would have to be discharged under other then honorable conditions. Many of the discharges that require an "other then honorable" tag require a courts-martial authority. He would have to commit a felony, or be accused of one, and be tried by the armed forces. Simply put, he would have to have been tried by courts martial in order to EVEN BE GIVEN A DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE!!! You just cannot be given one because no one likes you. As a matter of fact, if you get something other then an honorable discharge, even a general discharge, it usually means you messed up somewhere, BIG TIME. I am not making that up, those are the rules. The armed forces all go by the same rule book. Bush's DD 214 is missing one medal. Out of clerical erorr and nothing more. Why is it that those who have never served who are not familiar with any aspect of military culture turn into know it alls and are so quick to turn a jaundiced eye or point a finger?

    I know plenty of people who served in the military and have nothing but bare bones after serving. Bush was a pilot. As such he was awarded the air force pilots badge. Yet there is no mention of it in your little tirade. This can be withdrawn and stripped. But it is NOT. Which make me question everything you have said. Every time people have tried to detract from his service, they have failed. Every time. From that Dan Rather thing, that I as a soldier could see through..1. No reason for ANYONE, even a CO to write a memo like that. 2. No reason for the government to preserve a memo like that. Most memos generated in the military are not archived and are destroyed. 2. Microsoft 12 point times new roman type, made supposedly in the early 70s. I saw this before the mainstream media. Need I say more?

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    I have to agree with the first 2 answers, but without the name calling. Yet I must wonder what point you are trying to make.

    I know there have been hundreds, even thousands, that disgraced the military before, during and after Vietnam. Kerry did. Fonda did.

    How about the drugged out hippies of the 60's. They were real supportive???

    How about other presidents, including Carter and Clinton, who allowed the same bunch of idiots we are fighting today kill and drag the bodies of our soldiers through the streets while being filmed by journalists. Or not going after them when they killed so many men women and CHILDREN in Oklahoma. Or the US embassy bombings in countries all over the world.

    We have had 6 decades of presidents and congresses who either did not recognize or chose to look the other way while America and it's military were attacked.

    Bush -good or bad- got stuck with what has been building since WWII.

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    I have eight medals and of those eight, all eight are a tragic joke. Only a dimwit is impressed by anything less than a Medal of Honor or a Distinguished Service Cross. You get medals in the military just to show someone you might have done something. I have seen MILPO clerks with more medals than Patton. So I do not judge anyone by the quantity of medals they received. In Desert Storm they gave out Bronze Stars to rear echelon MF's. Unbelievable. The Army has tainted medals.

    The army gives you a ribbon for:

    "Graduating basic training"

    "An Expert "bayonet" badge! (LOL)

    "National Defense Ribbon" aka "Runner up prize.

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    You must be a retarted demiCRAP. Leave our president alone. he does the best he can, and anyways are you in the service. I think not. sooooooo If not . then you need to shut the hell up and stop pitching a fit when you yoursself are doing absoultely nothing to provide the very freedom in wich I and so many other service men and wemon provide, so you have a warm place to EAT and SLEEP at night. YOU KNOW WHAT atleast he had the balls to join this wounderful military of ours! You didn't you piece of demicrap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh ya and by the way I myself have 4 combat tours under my belt 1 army accomindation medal for (Valor) 6army accomindation medals, 6 army achievement medals and all my overseas campain medals. OH and I have 7 overseas assignments. So you know what jerkie. how about you join and do some Sh@T for your country or shut the hell up.

    Source(s): if you wanna discuss this further write back, i dam sure know what you say on here you wouldn't have the nutz to say to me in person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Can you say that you have rated any military decoration? I am willing to bet no. So...Lets take President Bush... I do believe that he DOES have one award... Pilots Wings. So that blows that theory out of the water. Also look at Kerry...He threw his medals at the White house and then, when it was convenient for him said that he loves his awards...

    Step away from the Kool Aid...For your own sake

    Source(s): 8 Year US Marine and served during Desert Storm...And I do rate medals and ribbons. :) Semper Fi
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    Retired Army, been to Iraq three times. I could care less if any of my elected officials in Washington DC served in the military. What was important to me was that they support the military.

    The true disgrace is your party members in DC that would gut the military and National Security in order to promote their socialist agenda's.

    Source(s): Vet
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    It also took Audie Murphy three full years of constant combat in WW2 to receive three Purple Hearts, and was called a hero. John Kerry did it in three months on one mission and called himself a hero. Also, Clinton ran off to school and did not serve.

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    As a matter of fact yes. How about Clinton the draft dodger and John Kerry's Vietnam War record controversy? Oh wait they are Democrats and the Libs will not bash them.

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    Yeah Clinton and Kerry.

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    First, have you served in any capacity?Secondly, I believe one John Kerry was shamed more than this by his record. And last, but certainly not least,in times like these, we should support our military in any possible way.Jackasses like yourself are enjoying the freedoms their sacrifices provide.The trouble is, you don't appreciate it.

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