Is this a good assessment of the Immigration/Outsourcing issue?

From the Middle Earth Journal Online Pamphleteers

The battle over the Immigration Bill continues. It is seen as a war of us against them. Many in the Republican base think the 'them' are the hoards of brown skinned men, women and children form Central America - they are wrong. The 'us' is the American middle class and the 'them' are the feudal corporate overlords who wish to destroy the American middle class. Now they have shipped nearly every job they can off to third world countries to avoid paying a decent wage and to escape those inconvenient safety laws. There are some jobs that just can't be outsourced like the ones at the Del Monte plant in North Portland that was raided last week. Nine out of ten of the workers supplied to Del Monte by American Staffing Resources was illegal. I for one cannot believe that Del Monte management was not aware of this but they are the 'real' criminals here but will go unpunished. The Del Monte raid gives us even more insight as to why corporations are willing to hire illegals - working conditions and worker safety. more

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    Kobaincito is correct. Your assessment is almost right on the money, except for the fact what he said about who the US vs them consists of, is more accurate, because it is more inclusive. If you combine his entire assessment with yours, then you just about have it nailed! *sm*

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    In this America, the good corporations, run by good honest America lovin' CEOs, have no accountability for anything. YOU, the mean-old middle class American are responsible for all the problems. If you aren't willing to trade in your home for a cardboard box, then you aren't a true American (hey, you hear 'God bless America' playing in the background... kind of tears you up). Why hold the company responsible (company whom has lobbyist standing outside the D.C. red-light district buying the D.C. prostitutes drinks and free trips) accountable when you can blame some mean-old Mexican dude picking crops for a few dollars an hour. And by the way - the D.C. whores are republicans and democrats. Kill the 40,000+ lobbyist then maybe we middle Americans can have our country back.

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    Wal-Mart was busted recently for hiring illegal Eastern Europeans for their after-hours cleaning crew.

    You've hit the nail on the head, Citizen! The reason the stock market is up, even while we all struggle to afford transportation, education, food, and medicine, is the PROFIT to be had by working people harder and paying them less. A little insecurity that foreigners might take your job goes a long way towards discouraging dissent and organization.

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    But the jobs exported are paid so badly, they actually hurt the economy they are exported to!!! So people in those countries end up seeing US corporations as stealing their resources for very little being paid back and look upon the US as owing them something.

    My country had no choice but to sell the US oil at such a low price we were actually paying for it!!!! that is until nationalization in '75. The US was holding a gun to our heads as it did in Guatemala and Iran and Chile.

    US vs them is the people against the corporations. If you separate your self from your allies (the poor and the immigrants) you will lose this battle too.

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    Why does anyone think Bush is for it? Only to help corporate America strip every decent possible job from American workers possible.(and this includes a lot of Red State jobs-but They still support him)(talk about ignorance).

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    It is a good assessment of 1 or 2 of the issues involved but there is more to it than this. I'd call it a prime example for sure.

  • JeffyB
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    1 decade ago

    No, I think it is much more complex than that. You also have to realize that not all outsourcing is bad. US companies would soon become non-competitive if we had to use only domestic, union labor for everything. That would mean that foreign companies (like China) who pay low wages would soon ab able to outcompete us on virtually every category of product (cost-wise).

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    80 people in my building including me just lost our 7-year job to Vietnam because they can work cheap.

  • 1 decade ago

    No, not even close

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