What does "let's stay friends" means?

We(me24-him 33)

were together for 9 months.We loved each other and we were thinking of moving in together and eventually get married.He was from a town 1hr away from me and even though i didn't want to move from my town I decided that I could move in with him...he showed me that he loved me till death...but suddenly (ok we had our little disputes) he asked me to stay friends with him...and i was torned! I couldn't believe what he was asking me to do...

It's been a week that we don't speak...and i was angry at him while he was keep coming back to confirm that we would be friends...Now that I (i think) managed to pull my self together and realised that it's all over and i want to stay friends with him he is gone!!!He doesn't want to talk to me any more...He is trying to bulid up his life and he is trying to find a new woman..I am so hurt but am trying to find someone else too...I don't think there is anybody else like or even better than him for me.He hurt me so much and he knows.Why?


Am not ugly am not fat and definately not illeterate!!!!

We just lived in two different towns...that's all!

Anyway,just found out that he is dating another,he just informed me!!! :(

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    If he loves you girl, He'll always find a reason to stay..remember that. He'll be going through a lot now for looking for another woman. While in a break up, it's better for you to focus on your positives. He doesn't deserve you and you don't deserve him either. I believe age gap also influences your relationship. You can continue loving him yet don't expect him to do the same with you. It'll take time to heal yet it's good enough for you that in an early time, you already knew that he's just not so into you. Love yourself well and you'll get to know another guy well. If he fits you, and loves you as much as you do, then grab the opportunity. Good Luck and just move on. You go girl!

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    It seems that some men tend to shy away from what they feel like may be a brawling woman when in fact most of the times it's just a disagreement that they don't want to solve or debate about. Some people just don't like disagreements and having to solve them in thinking that it will be like that way for the rest of their life. But may be while he's out there thinking that the grass is greener on the other side he'll see that it's not and finally realized what he lost. I know it's gonna be hard but at least you know now instead of moving in with him and things going sour just keep your head up and hope that he'll see what he lost one day but move on with your life and i hope you find the happiness that you deserve. Best of luck!

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    First of all if the guy you cliams that he love you and everything he probably did but all of a sudden he found someone better than you and he probably was talkin to that person for a while that's why he wanted yall to stay friends. Still be friends with he will come to his senses sooner or later they never know what they have until the person leave and find someone else.

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    I'll try and put a positive spin on this for you...it probably will have no impact because when your heart is broken, it's just broken. It might be a good thing you don't 'stay friends' - what the hell does that mean anyway? *Poof* I no longer have feelings for you so I can hang with you? That never really works out when you are in love. It would hurt like hell to be friends with your ex-bf and then witness him moving on right in front of you.

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  • Dipi s
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    Well in the first place this guy sounds so immatured and he is not available and serious for a steady relationship and marriage, thats why he has broken off with you .All he wants is to have a good time with different dates for a short span of time and keep moving on.

    Stay friends mean there will be no commitement or bonding but you are welcome to talk to him and avail his company to go out for meals or drinks etc.

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    in case you opt for her back then i could stay acquaintances and per risk in time will see the two one in each of you in a different way returned. If the two one in each of you initiate courting different those that could end the friendship nevertheless via fact the recent human beings on your lives is probably no longer gentle with that.....particularly in case you shared an intimate previous mutually. many females all of us is in simple terms very territorial whilst it includes being related with their adult males and sharing is many times no longer an option. So if this happens down the line the friendship won't final in case you mean to pass on with somebody else. in the experience that your ex starts off courting and you nevertheless look after her it is going to easily harm you so as which could additionally be yet one greater reason to go on. perfect needs sweetie.

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    I think "Let's stay friends" is what people say to people they are breaking up to a) make the break-up seem more friendly

    b) to make it easier for them to leave and c) to let the person know they are not being dumped when they really are.

    I know it hurts and I know you feel betrayed by his promise to stay in your life but usually people just can't go from being intimate to just casual.

    Get out there and meet someone who deserves you in your own town!

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    men are like that. at times they get scared of comittment, they say things like:

    "i need my space", "lets be friends".. its just a nicer way of saying. "im not so sure of what im doin with you and i wanna see other ppl"...

    just let things fall into place. i know its hard to do because i'm going thru the same thing!!! move on, if its meant to be, it'll be. and maybe there is someone else better out there for you.

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    i know how it feels when you are still holding to someone and he is building his life elsewhere,but as much as it hurts youve got to move on,recollect yourself and gather strength to move on,its understandable to feel like theres nobody who could match up to him, but sooner or later u will realise that if you smile at the world it will smile back at you,you will meet other great people,may be even greater than he is but only if you open up your heart,pull yourself together girl,you will make it,do what you love best to avoid feeling lonely and heartbroken,all the best

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    Love comes and goes and nobody knows why. YOU LOVE HIM BUT HE DOES NOT LOVE YOU! It is very simple! I give you 100% you vill meet your love. And it vill be much better give it time , that men is not for you let him go! Time vill heal everything belive me just go thru the Payne and be pation and you vill see, and you do not need him to be your frend.

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