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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsMedicine · 1 decade ago

Why AND How Did SARS START????????????????????

like if we can find out how SARS started can't like you do like a backwards type prodedure to cure it... like a mathemathical sum?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    SARS is thought to enter human population from interspecies transmission of animal coronavirus. The animal SARS-Coronavirus infection of humans appears to result in mild disease with little or no human-human transmission. Human SARS is readily transmitted from human to human via contact and/or droplets.

    Between November 2002 and February 2003, 300 cases of pneumonia like infections was observed in the South China.

    To understand the animal origin, 8 species of wild and domestic animals were sampled in a live-animal market of Shenzhen on May 7, 03. Among them, 6 Himalayan palm civets sampled, 4 out of them were PCR positive and 4 viruses were isolated and also 1 racoon dog was PCR positive and 1 virus was isolated.

    The difference between human virus and animal virus is that there is a deletion in human virus. So the disease is emerged due to a mutation (deletion) in animal SARS-Coronavirus.

    Since it is due to a mutation, it is not easy to do like a backwards type procedure to cure it.

    Source(s): From my notes of "infectious diseases" course
  • 5 years ago

    Chinese people do not try to eat exotic/rare animals, it's just that they feel anything that's edible is just that. Using SARS to attempt to further your agenda against China is stupid. Although one theory is that SARS originated from civet cats, you'll notice that green's link does say that the real origin is not proven. The same goes for the AIDS pandemic, where it is suspected that it may have originated from animals in Africa, again only one theory. Even if it can be proven without a doubt that SARS originated from civet cats, you still can't say that it is because Chinese sometimes eat exotic and rare animals that the disease came about. It's a ridiculous claim. There are countless viruses that come about through either contact or ingestion of animals where a mutation allowed it to jump across species, and if you know anything about viruses, they don't differentiate based on how rare or exotic an animal is. Each animal, including humans, have their own specific viruses that target them as hosts, but a virus can mutate randomly to allow it to cross at any time between species. If SARS had originated from cows, you wouldn't be asking this question. In fact, mad cow disease originates from cows, but would you ever ask indignantly for people around the world to stop eating cows? If you did, would anyone listen? I understand your position that eating endangered animals is wrong, but trust me, not only is it not prevalent in China, China is also not the only country in the world with people who eat endangered animals. You're trying to lump together two completely separate issues and targeting only one out of many countries for no other apparent reason except that it's been in the news.

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    SARS started from a mutation of the FLU virus, virus over time will mutate so they can fit into an environment a lot easier. If you wanted to be a backwards type procedure, you probary be better off tracking down a copy of the first ever flu virus, but since it then it propary has changed many many many times.

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