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Who do you think was the better detective?

Nancy Drew or Encyclopedia Brown?

Hercule Poroit or Ms Marple?

Sherlock & Watson or the Gang From Scooby Doo?


Encyclopedia Brown is a series of stories about this kid detective that solves mysteries; one of those 'solve as you go along' type deals. when i was in grade school like a bazillion years ago i was practically addicted to them;

Nancy Drew was a favourite too.

But ... this was just one of those questions out of sheer curiousity...

I actually have read mostly all of them (except scooby doo lol... thats not a book). And I have a pretty hefty agatha christie collection;

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    Encyclopedia Brown was the better detective, he figured out cases using clues. Nancy Drew was more of a private investigator, she used her feet and luck to solve cases.

    Hercule Poirot was better than Ms. Marple, his little gray cells did better work than her nosiness.

    And obviously Holmes was the best of the best.

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    I can't comment on the first set. As for the others......

    #2 -- Inspector Poirot had better mysteries, but Miss [not "Ms."] Marple was more fun. Daffy old bat.

    #3 -- Holmes and Watson, thank you very much. Though the Scooby Doo gang were groovy, they were pretty dense -- you'd think they would have learned to automatically know the culprit was going to turn out to be the unpleasant person they met in the first five minutes. That really was the way it always turned out, just as the criminals always said, "I'd have gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling kids."

    Holmes on the other hand is pure genius. Don't judge him based on any television or film versions [especially the wretched Basil Rathbone films, which are untrue to the literature -- Sherlock Holmes did NOT fight the Nazis in World War 2!] Read the original Arthur Conan Doyle short stories -- they are highly enjoyable, and not as archaically Victorian as I feared they would be.

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    Definitely Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. I am surprised u compared him with Scooby Doo. Holmes is a real time genius. His cases are extremely interestring, quite unlike Scooby Doo.

    Have u read about the Sussex Vampire....Now thats a real high class 'Vampire' mystery.

    TW K

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    I take it each pair is to be considered separately?

    Nancy Drew is my choice for the first set. Encycopedia Brown is really smart, but Nancy is clever and has more "street smarts", even if it does mean she has to be rescued by her dad every other day. Also, kids who are know-it-alls are annoying.

    I think that Miss Jane Marple is a better detective than Hercule Poirot. Both of them are highly intelligent, very perceptive, quick at putting things together and making deductions, and very aware of the foibles of human nature. I think Miss Marple has an advantage over M. Poirot because she looks like a harmless, dithering old lady. When M. Poirot wants to question someone, they know they are being questioned. They tend to give information away without realizing they are doing it, but they do know they are giving away information and being interrogated. Miss Marple, on the other hand, just seems to be rambling and conversing and dithering along, which makes it much easier for her to get information out of people. They aren't on their guard as much with her.

    Mr. Holmes and Mr. Watson, most definitely. The Gang is kind of like one super detective spread across four (or five, if you count Scooby) people. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, poor Shaggy's strength is literally tripping onto important information, though it takes someone else to recognize the importance. They have to be together and be able to talk stuff over to have the team work smoothly. Mr. Holmes, on the other hand, is like a shark--nature's perfect hunting and killing machine. He has such an amazing array of talents, and such keen perception. Unlike many of the literary detectives who are so highly cerebral, he has a keen understanding of human behavior, even if he doesn't seem to feel it himself. (I actually do believe he's quite an emotional person, whose emotion is simply masked by his powerful intellect. For example, in the cases where he lets a miscreant go, I don't think it's his brain which dictates it, but rather his heart. I also think Irene Adler got to him in more ways than he will ever admit.) I guess I feel that Holmes strength is that he is smarter than all of the Gang put together, and he is perfectly capable of doing any detection and solving any case pretty much on his own. I think he takes Watson along because he's his best friend, and he likes his company, and he likes having someone to bounce ideas off of. I think that for any criminal, having Sherlock Holmes pursuing you would be like a season in hell. I would probably simply give up as soon as I found out he was on the case, because there's no winning against him.

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    Definitely Nancy Drew and the Scooby Doo gang! They're the most popular and the most fun!

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    Sherlock withouta doubt because no one is that observative . F.e. To show how famous he was when doyle killed off Holmes there was chaos everywhere and he was forced to write a comeback. Secondly, he sees things no one would observe in 50 years. IT'S ADMIRABLE!!!

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    i say sherlock holmes

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