What if your kid has stolen your credit card and has used it on a computer game?

What would you do?


What if he used all the money in the card and thought I got identity theft and had to get a new card and he did it again.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would take the game away, and lock it up. Then I would call the sheriff and make arrangements for a "reality check". A fake arrest to scare straight your kid. If you have a decent office there - they will support you. They will go through the motions, but won't do anything official that gets on the record.

    After that - I would find a ton of things to have him do around the house to pay back the money on it.

    Meanwhile - call the credit card company and get the charges reversed.

    I would also take the kids computer/internet priviledges away for a month, only alowing him on for homework - and only supervised - no IMing allowed.


    As per the added details after my answer.

    Obviously - you didn't track the where the packages ordered were delivered, and I hope you at least had an investigation underway regarding the first time. To had used the card's limit - either you had little room left that he used quickly - or he racked up some major money - in the thousands.

    I would say you have a serious issue with discipline in your house - this credit card issue is just a symptom of a bigger problem.

    Time to stop being buddies with your kids - time to be the father. Your kids need structure and discipline - time to lay it on him. Highly recommend the sheriff deal be enacted ASAP.

    You need to get some counselling - and may be a good idea to start reviewing who he is spending time with when he isn't in your view. Peer pressure adds to the equation, and if he's doing this to prove himself with his buddies - may be time to end the association - maybe even change up the school he attends.

    If your kid doesn't have set duties around the house - assign em. make him do them before he gets to do anything "fun". Set his curfew at a reasonable hour. You never stated his age - but if he is under 15 - he should be in your house by 8-9 pm no matter what day of the week it is - even summer. Earlier than that if during a school week. If between 15-17, extend that an hour - only an hour - and all ages need to be checking in with you hourly to let you know where he is and with whom.

    You might consider getting a cell phone with GPA chip so you know where that phone is at all times - on or off. Make him carry that at all times.

    Source(s): Father of two teens
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    That's pretty bold. First he would do something to pay me back-like chores-or cut lawns. I would smash the computer game (or give it to charity). I would take away something that he values-check out Dr. Phil's stuff-and then I would tell him, if he didn't like the punishment this time, he best think about what would happen should he make another bad choice. I don't mean he can't watch TV for a week or month. Take something he values out of his room permanently-like any other video thingie or TV. And then stick to it. What he did was blatant. He stole with intent. He deserves some serious consequences.

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    Call the game company and change the password, then cancel the account. That insures they can't reopen the account with another credit card. If it happens again, take the computer away. I'm not saying that I wouldn't allow them to play games, just not steal money to play them.

  • 1 decade ago

    Cancel the card, ground the child and make them work their butts off to pay me back. And ask the store why they did not ask for an ID. I know a lot of places do not ask anymore but if a kid was using a card they should,

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  • 1 decade ago

    If they are using it for an online game you need to notify both your credit card company and the game company. If its an offline one, the credit card company and the store. Either way its not authorized so you wont have to pay it.

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    I like Citizens answer as well. My parents, and now me, would add one more thing-beat that kids butt. Not all kids need a whipping, but this one does. I would never even think of stealing from my parents. That kid would be grounded, the computer would be password, the kid would be mowing yards all summer for free for the neighbors, AND he would get his **** beaten.

  • 1 decade ago

    Call the game company (everquest, World of Warcraft, Star Wars Galaxies) and tell them. Have them cancel the account.

    Then beat their ***.

    And consider that they have a problem. There are many addicted to these games.

  • Mary G
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    1 decade ago

    I would send him to military school after all the credit card problems were taken care of.

  • 1 decade ago

    Contact a family counseling professional immediately and make an appointment. This child needs help NOW!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Log on to the game using his ID, grief and troll as many of the other players as possible then get his account banned permanently.

    When he asks why, tell him you-know-why.

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