What other deseases can you get from oral sex besides herpes?

I try to be very careful and practice safe sex. Well i gave a guy oral sex and he was cleaned up down there. I didn't see any bumps or blisters. But i was wondering if you could get other deseases from oral sex, like AIDS or hepitis or anthing else. If you can then how? Besides through semen.

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    You can get any STD through oral sex. Yes, HIV/AIDS included. Most STD's are exchanged through body fluids. Yet, others are exchanged through direct contact. Some STD's don't have any signs or symptoms, so just by looking at his genitals, you can't see whether or not he has one. Even if he didn't ejaculate into your mouth, I'm sure his pre-ejaculation did; even if you didn't notice. Pre-ejaculation is the fluid that comes out of a penis when he becomes sexually aroused or right before he ejaculates. Pre-ejaculation can carry a numerous type of STD's, but the chance of you getting a disease is very slim. HIV/AIDS can be transmitted, but I read somewhere that the chance of getting HIV through oral sex is less than 1%. So, besides herpes and HPV, getting an STD through oral sex (without him ejaculating in your mouth) is very slim (but possible). In the future, use protection. It will save you the worry. Sorry, but I don't know much about hepitis and how it is transmitted. Hope this helps and the best of luck to you!

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    To the person directly above me, you are so wrong my friend. Cold sores are just oral herpes with a more socially acceptable name. You can most definitely give someone genital herpes through oral sex. Whether or not a sore is present it is still possible to transmit the virus. Do not be in denial that you are carrying a contagious incurable virus just because it does not have the stigma of genital herpes. Be responsible.

    Chlamydia, AIDS (the HIV virus can be passed to you through tiny cuts or sores in your mouth.) I think you can pretty much get any STI from oral sex. That's why they make flavored condoms and dental dams. Use them.

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    Herpes cannot really be aquired from oral sex. Cold Sores DO NOT cause the Herpes version.

    The CDC has CLEARLY stated there has NEVER been one single confirmed case of 'AIDS' from oral sex despite saying it is possible.

    Oral sex is as safe as houses......actually a great deal safer.

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    4 years ago

    Yes you can! who wrote no is an idiot! you can get all kinds! for example gential warts (HPV) in the throat, rare but it can happen. Remeber most STD's are spread through skin to skin contact. Best advice go to the doc with your partner get checked if you both are clean, oral sex away!!! Enjoy!

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    You can get just about anything orally as you can with regular sex. The transfer of his secretions, pre-***, to your saliva can give you whatever he has at the time.

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    New research says cancer, you can get throat, tongue, or tonsil cancer from transmission of the HPV virus through oral sex, look it up.

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    You can get STDs from any exchange of fluids...

    Your mouth on his penis, his mouth giving you oral sex, mouth to mouth, and penis to anus or vagina.


    You really should KNOW who you are having sex with.

    You don't just know by LOOKING at them.


    Otherwise you are just playing with your health and possibly your life.

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    Aids hep c and i'm sure there are more but i can;t think right now,always use protection so you;ll live for alot more ys,

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