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Which one of these fantasy baseball teams are better? why? Give me advice if you have any.?

I have 3 fantasy baseball teams. Which one is doing the best right now? Most accurate answer wins.

Team 1- Jorge Posada, Lance Berkman, Freddy Sanchez, Edgar Renteria, Rafael Furcal, Adam Dunn, Ken Griffey, Casey Blake, Johnny Damon, Russell Martin, Aramis Ramirez, Ryan Freel, F. Carmona, Johan Santana, Barry Zito, Mike Mussina, Andy Petite, Chein Ming Wang, Jose Contreras, Mo Rivera, Al Reyes, Gil Meche, Kelvim Escobar

Team 2- Jorge Posada, Albert Pujols, Kevin Youkilis, Robinson Cano, Edgar Renteria, Bill Hall, Bobby Abreu, Orlando Hudson, Juan Pierre, Russell Martin, BJ Upton, Johan Santana, Dontrelle Willis, Carlos Zambrano, Bobby Jenks, Chad Cordero, Barry Zito, Boof Bonser, Chein Ming Wang, Jason Jennings

Team 3- Victor Martinez, Nick Swisher, Jeff Kent, Derek Jeter, Ken Griffey, Ian Kinsler, Ryan Zimmerman, Bobby Abreu, Rafael Furcal, Delmon Young, Russ Martin, Johnny Damon, Johan Santana, Roy Oswalt, Mo Rivera, Joe Borowski, Barry Zito, Jon Garland, Tim Hudson, Mike Mussina


I left out Vernon Wells...he is on team 2.

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    I'd say team 2 definately has the most potential. It has a lot of guys like Zambrano,Wells and Zito who probably will improve in the second half and if they do it would be a good maybe 1st place team. because you have Pujols as your big masher and a lot of solid players. Team 1 probably needs the most work. It's definitely the weakest offensively and probably pitching-wise as well.

    I don't necessarily agree that having 2 good catchers is a terrible thing, you keep them away from other ppl in the league . You can play one at UTIL and get 162 games at catcher with good production which is extremely difficult.

    Same with Santana, It's good to have an ace like that you can count on but when you do you only need 4 or maybe 5 at the most, other starting pitchers... You've been hurt by drafting Zito in all those leagues for sure and hopefully for you he'll improve in the 2nd half but you also have a bunch of starters without much value, either past their prime or just not very good. You would benefit if you could get 1 or 2 more closers on all those teams. Two is really not enough.. You could pick up a lot of points with a few more saves and also

    have a little insurance if one of those guys gets injured. Look at your waiver wire for saves and any other categories you can gain some ground in easily.

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    Well they all should be doing pretty bad. It looks like you place way too much importance on drafting SP's (one of the easier fantasy positions to fill), and there are some bad similarities between these three clubs. Did you really think drafting Johan first three times was a good idea? How about having two really solid catchers on all three teams?

    For team 1: OF is weak, not enough power, 2 good catchers - one needs to go, no decent option at second unless Freel comes back, too many starters and not enough relievers.

    For team 2 - another weak 2B, finally a top-tier player in Pujols, weaker OF than team 1, better balance than team 1 but still not enough power, a lot of bad starters and not enough relief pitching.

    For team 3 - i guess you don't like 2B, this team has a bunch of average killers, another unnecessary great C combo, another weak OF, another Furcal, the best staff yet remarkably still lacking in the relief dept.

    The names that contnually show up here aren't ones that should be: Furcal, Zito, Abreu, Damon, and Wang are just better than garbage. They shouldn't be on one of these teams let alone three where most of them show up.

    Four things for next year:

    1. Don't draft Johan in the firrst round. Don't. I don't care how good he is, he doesn't win leagues the way A-Rod or Pujols or even Reyes do.

    2. Draft one catcher, and only one. Only if you already have V-Mart, and Mauer is available with your last pick is your strategy a good one.

    3. Don't place too much emphasis on past returns. You have too many guys who are past their prime, or will be come season's end.

    4. Speed is nice and hard to come by, but when you pass up legit mashers for fringe speed guys, you sacrifice any hopes of competing. It's nice to have a Furcal or a Pierre, but you wouldn't want both. Look for all-round threats like Crawford, Sizemore, and Byrnes.

    It's gonna be a long year bro, but don't get discouraged. You still could do okay if you're always looking for ways to improve.

    If I had to guess, I'd say team 2 is fairing the best of the three, with team 3 right behind. Team 1 is a mess.

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    Team 1 because has the better pitching staff and it has the most balaced lineup

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