is vista better than xp?

Or is it just going to be more of the same with constant updates?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes - and absolutely no!

    I applaud the work they have done, absolutely love the interface and extra security and rather miss it...

    ...and uninstalling it and tosses the CD in the shed with the other junk.

    (OK, it went safe with the other original disks, but you get the idea.)

    I have a really nice monitor. It has a top refresh rate of:

    85 hertz at 2048x1536 and 32 bit colour

    100 hertz at 1600x1200... rising to 150 hertz at lower levels.

    In Vista, due to poor driver support, it has a maximum refresh rate of 85 Hertz.

    I also play MUD's, the old text based, true RPG type. Without dubious hacks the software (zMUD) won't work, nor are their plans to fix it. It means buying new software.

    But that's OK, as the logos and PR machine proudly proclaims via the Games for Windows campaign, it's the way games are meant to be played. It's the only way you'll get DirectX 10, it's the only way you'll get to play some next get games - like Halo3, it's...

    ...crap at sound. Oh yes and the vast majority of existing games either won't even install, won't work properly if they do and even if they do you lose all the sound effects because they castrated it. O.o Years late and with share holders crying into their Armani, they forget to listen to developers and rushed it out the door.

    Here's what Creative Labs had to say:

    Software applications shipped with Sound Blaster cards released for Windows XP do not work with Windows Vista drivers. These application include AudioHQ, EAX Console, THX Console, or Mode Switcher, etc.

    When launched, the software will display a message "The audio device supported by this application is not detected. The application will exit" even though your Sound Blaster card is working properly.

    It is recommended that you uninstall these applications, download and install the latest Windows Vista drivers, and use Creative Audio Console (included as part of Windows Vista driver download) to configure your sound card.

    Creative Software AutoUpdate currently supports Windows® 98 or higher with Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.

    Windows Vista is currently not supported.

    Reasons for Change

    Microsoft had stated reasons for these kinds of radical changes that go beyond "the need to change things". Reasons include moving as much software out of kernel mode as possible thereby minimizing bug checks (in layman's terms "BSODs"), developing an architecture to make debugging audio problems in applications easier, and supporting a whole new generation of Digital Rights Management


    This is for ALL Creative Labs card, including the top of the range X-Fi Elite Pro

    Creative aren't exactly famous for hussling with drivers but to state categorically that they can't even make the install disk work!

    As a one-off, sure, but there's an army of existing devices, games and applications that aren't going to work with Vista. That can never work with Vista.

    Not bashing Microsoft here, everyone else has had all this extra time to get their act together. I am utterly disgusted with the lot of them myself!

    Oh yes, and let's not forget, Vista gets replaced with Vienna in about 2 years. For me, and many others, Vista is the new Windows ME. Mention 'ME' to any technie, then stand back while they hawk and spit...

    Source(s): Retired computer consultant - and sick to death of installling and uninstalling MS software of late! See also:
  • Klick
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    1 decade ago

    there are a lot of problems with vista, Microsoft brought it out early because of the new mac system!

    i have used both Vista and XP, and i prefer xp, but, i hate it when i wipe the drive, and have to re-load it on, and spend about a month doing all the updates!

    but that is just my personal opinion!


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I've had Vista since it first came out. It took a bit of getting used to and getting everything compatible again but now I would definitely say that it's better than XP.

  • 1 decade ago

    Vista is definitely better than xp. it has many more advanced features compared to xp. but , but if you don't have it yet, i suggest you stick with xp, so that in six or seven more months, all the upgrades will be done and more people use it widely.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Vista is yes indeed better than xp, but if you got used to the xp settings, people may perfer xp.

  • nan
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    1 decade ago

    I got free Vista in mail after purchasing new HP PC but am afraid to install if for fear I won't be able to get XP

  • 1 decade ago

    Not at the moment - takes forever to install- and has too many niggling problems- give it some time for micrsoft to sort it out then it will be better than XP- but bt the time they have done that a new OS will probably be out

  • 1 decade ago

    I prefer xp to be honest, but vista has lots of exciting little widgets that you can mess around with!

  • 1 decade ago

    Vista has more security concerns in mind and is a pretty good OS overall.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No. Not at the present time - I have changed back to XP till more software is available for my laptop.

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