is this trojan ok or not?????????

I have the all seeing eye for my games and i just done a scan using norton anti spyware and got a result


had a look at a few sites but nothing says if its safe to remove. dont want my all seeing eye to stop working. will it be ok if i remove this

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    1 decade ago
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    Looks to be part of the Virtumonde family. You should remove it.

    Since AllSeeingEye comes from Yahoo directly, it should still work afterwards.

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    If you're sure that this Trojan is related to All Seeing Eye, then you have two options:

    1. Remove the virus using your virus scanner, and if All Seeing Eye breaks simply reinstall.

    2. Remove All Seeing Eye first, then run the virus scanner. If the virus goes away then you may have a problem with All Seeing Eye, or there's the possibility that a file being used by the program became infected.

    All in all, Trojans are just as bad as viruses, and should be removed as soon as they are found.

  • Mr Ale
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    1 decade ago

    If it is a legit program you downloaded from a legit source, or can find reviews on then it's probably safe and just mistaken. Depends on how you feel about it. There are other programs out there. I do not know how that program works but maybe out it sees what games you have and the way it connects to find servers while your game isn't loaded is mistaken for virus behavior.

    Case in point:

    I have a program that is just a simple exe that displays the passwords from IM clients on a machine. It does not send the passwords to anyone (I monitored my connections, etc) it simply displays them for recovery purposes. My antivirus mistakes it for Trojan because of the behavior of the file.

    Source(s): A trusted, widely used, alternative: Chat with others and view servers of the games you own.
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    No, ALL Trojans are bad!

    I have a site that will probably help you out. It includes links, guides, reviews, screen grabs of interest and, more importantly screen by screen how to's to sort out infections. It also gives my contact details, through you are free to just

    message me via here on Yahoo! Answers

    You might also want to consider SiteAdvisor from McAfee: It it free, though there is an enhanced pro version.

    (It warns you whether a webpage or link is likely to be dodgy - before you get caught out)

    Trusted spyware products include:



    Sunblet Software's CounterSpy (15 day trial)

    Despite other opinions, for a good anti-virus security suite,

    Norton 360 is to be recommended (15 day trial available)

    A list of other AV security companies is here:

    Source(s): (Retired) Computer consultant
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Trojan.Win32.Zapchast.h is one that downloads and installs harmful files. Obviously these are installed without you knowing and can sometimes be damaging to your PC.

    I recommend you download software like this:

    This should remove it properly, as simply deleting it probably won't fix the issue.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If you have a trojan then Norton would have gone ballistic and started flashing message boxes at you stating YOU HAVE A TROJAN.

    Unless you were too laid back to notice Norton flashing these messages at you repeatedly then why worry?

  • 1 decade ago

    Yea it will be safe to remove.Just be very careful not to run the .exe file or you will find yourself infected.Also make sure you have a restore point on windows xp just in case you mess up.Better to be safe then sorry.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It should be ok to delete. It doesn't sound safe to keep a file like that on your machine -- I would remove it asap.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    REMOVE !!

    A virus or spyware can hide in your system resore folder even after running every anti-virus--anti-spyware app know. so,1st,turn off system restore.

    all programs--accessories----system tools--system restore--settings--drive ( c )--check OFF box and use slider to restore 10% memory to you by sliding it to left and stop at 3%.

    Internet Options Clean Ups

    control panel--internet options--general tab--temp files--delete.cookies-delete. history--delete and set days to keep to 0.

    privacy tab--advanced--override--allow 1st party--BLOCK 3rd party cookies [ spyware,ect. ]

    advanced tab--active x--uncheck unsafe or unsigned.

    remove useless files using disk clean.

    all programs--accessories--system tools--disk clean--drive ( c ),run and delete files.all programs

    Disk Defrag

    consolidate files giving you more disk space clean.

    all programs--accessories--system tools,disk defrag. click anylize and if told to do so,click defrag.

    block open ports that allow hackers access to your computer.

    administrative tools--services--alerter and messenger services [ services are in alphabetical order ]--right click each--select properties--select disable from drop down menu.

    cut the number of programs loading with windows,decreasing your boot up time.

    press windows key on keyboard and letter R at same time. enter MISCONFIG [ low case ] and press enter.

    click start tab and uncheck any program you do not want loading with windoes. [ DO NOT UNCHECK WINDOWS EXPLORER OR ANY WINDOWS PROGRAM ].

    basically speaking,you should only disable programs you yourself added. NOT your anti-vitus,anti-spyware,ect.

    download/install/update/run protection programs in browser add ons link below.

    new restore point

    now return to system restore and click create new restore point. name it and you're clean and done !

    download anti-virus--anti-spyware--anti-dialer freeware from link below

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    1 decade ago

    All trojans are bad ! ~

    Trojan caused your PC security to be jeopardised .

    What's worse is that you can't know for certain what that trojan does to your PC . So i suggest that you delete the trojan .

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