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External HardDrives, which one is best?

I need an external harddrive of either 320Gb or 500Gb capacity which I can run games off (everything from flightsim to unreal tournament) as my laptop HD is getting rather full.

I've been looking at the MyBook and MyBook Premium but they're quite expensive any other options?

Will USB 2.0 be fast enough for file transfer or will I definately need firewire?

How much of a difference in speed will I notice between external and internal harddisks? I.e. how long does it take to open a 50Mb file (photograph, movie etc) on internal disk, USB 2.0 connected external HD and Firewire connected external HD?



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    It's not a simple question to answer, you will not get the same speed from an external hard drive but it's impossible to quote figures. If you have a reasonably large internal drive may I suggest you move all your data, music, atc to the external drive. Then uninstall any programmes which are not games and reinstall them on the external. Finally install your games on the internal drive. Most programmes such as Word or Media player won't be noticeably slower on an external as there is very little disc access after they are run but games would be noticeably slower if not on the internal. Hope this helps.

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    that's a good theory the fire-wire should be fast enough but the game software has to be installed on the computer,because the external hardrive is just like a big memory card,so i don't think that you could run a game of an external hard drive.your best bet is to go to a computer store and ask them, rather than resting your decision on what i said.

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    optimal contemporary-day outdoors not person-friendly drives are plug-and-play. you're able to not plug it in you ipod and sync it. regardless of the undeniable fact that, in case you have songs on the exterior, and attempt to place them onto the ipod with the aid of way of a working laptop or laptop, it quite is going to paintings. you additionally could make your not easycontinual paintings on a ps3 in case you format it to FAT32 in terms of not person-friendly drives, i could advise western digital or maxtor. good fulfillment!

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    Maxtor One Touch :-)

    And I run games off it also :-)

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