Kansas City Hotels for visiting baseball team?

Does anyone know which hotel the visiting teams stay at in Kansas City when they play the Kansas City Royals?

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    The visiting teams use both the Westin Crown Center and The Fairmont on the Plaza. The security is much tighter at the Westin Crown Center, and players can usually be seen in the downstairs lounge at the Fairmont or all around the Plaza.

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    OK, they're not going to win the World Series in 2008 or even make the playoffs but they will be much better than last year and possibly the best Royal team in the last 10 years. I also think that if they keep this team together and don't suffer major health issues, they could build towards wild card contention or a Central crown in a few years. They're building a solid top of a starting rotation with Gil Meche, Brian Bannister and Zack Grienke. They are all young and showing signs of being good to great. Meche and Bannister also eat innings and don't walk anybody. Their bullpen is an issue. They're either young, unproven or not very good. Who knows how Yabuta will be? Is Soria a real closer? Will Gobble hold up again and can he pitch the 8th? Mahay will be solid but is that enough? Does a bullpen need three lefties? All questions that will be answered this season. Their offense has potential. They have a catching duo (Buck and Olivo) which will produce runs at a good rate. The infield is in flux but has great potential. 3B Alex Gordon can flat out rake. SS Pena needs to raise his average. Second and first base are just being filled. Blue chip prospect Mike Moustakas might eventually move Gordon to first but that would be good and it could give the Royals very good offense at the corners. As for the outfield, I think that Jose Guillen's presence in the lineup will be a positive, as long as he keeps his head on straight. He'll give you 20-30 HR, 80-100 RBI no problem. Gathright will push DeJesus in center and that's good for both of them. Don't be surprised if Joey G. plays multiple outfield positions this year. Teahan in left needs to refine his approach at the plate. Sure, he can hit .290 but he strikes out too much and doesn't walk enough. I think that the wild card for the offense is Billy Butler. Not only will his performance have a great impact on the lineup as a whole but where does he play? Left? First? DH? It should be interesting. What's most exciting for them is their new manager. He was a highly respected manager in the Yankee system for a decade and did very well in Japan (Go Ham Fighters!!!!). He deserved a shot and he could make an impact on this team as soon as this year. Overall, the Royals are worth watching this year. The offense seems ready to take the next step forward. The starting rotation, if guys behind the top two step up, could be surprisingly good. The bullpen has some veteran presence and that could go a long way. I wouldn't make playoff plans for them if I were you but it'll be a fun year for you. Kansas City is a great baseball town and they deserve a good team.

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    I am 99% sure its the Sheraton right by the stadium. They just changed there name to Sheraton I think.. but I am pretty sure thats where they stay. Its the closest one thats nice to the stadiums... its literally like barely 5 mins away.

    If its not there, then I would guess on the plaza or at the radisson downtown. I will double check with my dad though... he knows all that stuff cause he does a ton of business with all those teams and places.


    June 18th

    Like I said, they just changed the name in the past coupe weeks so everything may not be updated. But I know it is a sheraton because I was just there yesterday.

    Very few of the teams stay at the Westin Crown Center. I know this because we have been there with family staying there when theres a game -- and not once have I seen a baseball player. My cousins best friend plays in the MLB and they said they have stayed at the sheraton (new name) by the stadiums or at one of the hotels on the plaza.

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    I know that a couple of teams have stayed at the Westin Crown Center. Beware, though, as security is tight.

    And the gal above me: there are only two Sheratons in the entire KC Metro area - on the Plaza and at the OP Convention Center.

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    Well, if you're looking for what it sounds like your looking for...try the BackDoor or the GoldenKnob hotels. They are seedy and very descrete for what you are after.

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