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Safe sex without condom?

What are other ways for a guy to have sex without a condom but still not risk pregnancy?

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    doesn't exists such thing!!! don't have sex at all if you don't want unwanted pregancy! oral maybe!

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    Safe Sex Without Condom

  • any time you have sex you are risking pregnancy. There are other methods of birth control including the contraceptive pill, birth control patches and hormone shots and implants which all work similarly in that they deliver hormones (usually a combination of estrogen and progestin. There is also the IUD (intrauterine device) which is inserted into the uterus by a medical professional and acts by either stopping the sperm from reaching the egg or making the uterus unfit for implantation. There are also more permanent options such as a vasectomy for the male or tubal ligation for the female. It is important to note that no method of birth control (other than abstinence) is 100% affective and all the above do not help to prevent STD's.

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    Do not let anyone misdirect you into thinking that pulling out is a safer way of having sex without a condom. As soon as sexual stimulation occurs the penis can and does leak, pulling out right before ejaculation is by no means safe or fullproof. Please use a condom if you are having sex it protects against pregnancy and STDs including HIV. Remember some diseases are forever and cannot be treated!

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    There is no such thing as safe sex unless you are using a condom. Bottom line. The condom will at least give you a 97% chance of NOT getting a girl pregnant---but even that isn't foolproof. Anything else you do, will statistically get her pregnant. Do yourself a favor and use a condom.

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    First of all, you should be equally concerned about not contracting HIV or an STD. Anyway, the only proper way to ensure that your significant other does not get pregnant is to make sure she's taking some form of birth control. And the catch is, well, none of them are 100% effective either.

    Just wear a condom...they have very comfortable ones nowadays.

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    girls have condoms too...


    birth control pill/patch

    they ALL risk pregnancy, there's just a much lower chance than without anything.

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    No such thing as safe sex without a condom. Barely safe with one.... Wrap the Rascal....

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    Not even a condom is 100% safe. Nothing is.

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    lady condom other than that it is not safe sex because birth control pills dont always work and do not protect against STI also you can do it old fasion and pull out

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