Russian mail order brides?

So i hear all about these Russian mailorder brides..

are these actually legal?

I've also seen a few websites also..

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    I am presently dating a women who lives in Crimea in Ukraine. I met her while I was over in Ukraine with the Marine Corps however. In the beginning of our relationship I was very skeptical of her, wondering is she was interested in me because I am American or because "of my money". So i read a lot (in Russian dating stes) spoke to some interpreters (privately after talking to her on the phone) went back and visited several months later, and asked a LOT of questions to her about her intentions, what her goals were in life, etc. After having dated her for a year now, I am ready to bring her home to the USA. From the beginning I have always felt that her intentions were true to me, and not my paycheck or her citizenship. It also helped that I have and have made a few friends whos wives are from Russia or Ukraine, etc...

    I reccomend to you that you check out the US Embassy in Ukraine website. They have some valuable information, also, try to find men who have married women from Russia and the CIS states. A really good website that I recently found was on the Embassy website I will provide all links below. The thing to remember however, when pursuing a "Russian bride" is that the lady is indeed a woman, a human being, and not just some "hot girl" for you to use as arm candy. Yes the women there are BEAUTIFUL, and very humble and caring..but it is just as important for you to respect them as you would have them respect and adore you. Feel free to e-mail me if you like. I think I can be contacted here...If not, send a reply to your question and I will respond in kind.

    There are scam sites out there...If you decide to do this..DO NOT SEND MONEY. I often asked my Katya if she needed money, she ALWAYS refused, despite the fact it cost her more to communicate with me via the internet. Finally after I visited her the second time, I insisted that I send a small amount per month to cover her internet costs. Now, she is taking English lessons, and just the other day showed me some gifts she wants to send to my family members (we have web cams) cautious..and don't send money untill well after you have visited her.

    Here are the websites that I have done research with :)

    Again, please feel free to ask any further questions..I'll be glad to help!

  • 5 years ago

    It's a 3 part win. The owner of the agency makes tons of money from single men looking for love. The ladies whant a prince to care for them financially, and the single guy wants a lover and companion wether she is faithful or not they take a risk in order to not be lonely. Some of these girls are decent and others are not and some have good intentions of marriage and maybe a family and others just want the green card. That's why the agencies exist. Besides the fact that local women some times don't give the guys seeking a foreign bride an opportunity at home. Some times it's the guy who is a weirdo or maybe he's just not attractive and it doesn't know how to talk to girls. Some times local girls make it impossible for guys as local girls also have special interests.

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    There are legitimate places to hook up with a Russian bride. But there are a lot that are not. Plus there are scammers that will contact you and send you photos etc.. that are just out to make some good money. They will fall in love with you and ask you to send them money for fees or tickets etc.. and then they will ask you for more money for something else , etc... and as long as you send money they will keep making excuses and asking for more. Goggle (yahoo search)something like "Fake Russian brides" and you will find several sites that list scammers and there MO.. They also will guide you to the real people that will connect you with the desperate female wanting a better life in the US... Then she will move here with you and you will go through the years and expense of getting her legal and she will leave you and find somebody that she really loves.... or maybe not....

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    Save your money , there are a lot of beautiful women here in

    the USA that are very nice and not full of themselves, you just

    haven't been looking in the right places. I just looked at your

    profile and you are a very young man who has a lot of time to

    meet someone.Take some college classes for fun or get

    involved with your likes, sports hobbies and you are bound to

    meet someone special.

    If you really want to meet someone from the old country ,then

    save your money and go on a trip to that country but don't pay

    anyone money over there to meet someone.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I had a stupid friend who tried to order a bride from Russia. He was positive that she was "the one". After $800, a plane ticket, and an 8 hour trip to the airport, she never showed up and he never heard from her again. I would highly suggest going a different route than the mail order brides.

  • njss
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    It is very tempting but be aware of the dangers and also the language problems. One of my special friends (really special) went for a holiday to the Philippines and eventually married over there as she is a younger woman and probably does not talk much. I am still hurt but hope he is happy as it is his 3rd marriage and he is getting poorer. so not a good only consolation...

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    You are talking about a very expensive proposition and honestly you shouln't give up on American women. It's an ocean of 150,000,000 fish. Just get some good bait and when you get some juicy tuna on the line reel it in. You can also play video games and masturbate when nothing is biting.

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    russians are so beautiful but not more than ur money:P

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