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Do you think she stole it?

I really think my really good friend stole a very expensive bottle of perfume from me the other day. She does have a history of stealing from my parents, and earlier the other day when we were out she stole a Wedding magazine and thought nothing of it. I usually keep all my perfume in one place, and never misplace it. I have searched high and low and cannot find it. I have such a very big itch that she has it, and I asked her if she had seen it and she said "No, I haven't seen it anywhere....but its not like I was looking for it." She is my brothers girlfriend and I am almost positive she has it, but if I happen to be wrong I would feel horrible. But then again, she stole the magazine and I cannot find it anywhere? Share your stories and advice, please help!

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    If she has a tendency to steal and has stolen from your parents then she probably stole from you too and that's not really a good friend.

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    you dont need her shes not a friend. sorry thats just part of life

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